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For the past dozen years we have spent countless hours researching and developing the best burn barrels on the market. Our patented burn barrel design reduces the carbon footprint of each burn making it friendlier to the environment.

Normal burn barrels burn at a very low temperature causing excessive smoke and smoldering. Our 100% stainless steel Hi-Temp Burn Barrels burn at temperatures in excess of 1800°F. completely incinerating what's inside.

When compared to fire pits and homemade burn barrels our products are far superior.

Why? Simply stated, our burn barrels burn at much higher temperatures. Hotter and faster burns produce less smoke and greenhouse gases.

Traditional homemade burn barrels starve the fire of oxygen resulting in a nasty smoldering piles of waste. Slow burning waste releases dioxins into the atmosphere, which negatively impacts the air quality as well as the community.

Say No To Burn BarrelsAs always we suggest burning only 100% organic materials. However, we know many of you reading this live in or have a place near an area that lacks access to waste removal services.

In these cases our Hi Temp Burn Barrels are the perfect backyard incinerator solution for your remote home or cabin.

Don't waste time and money trying to modify a 55-gallon drum.

We've already done the work! Our patented internal flanges and air-flow system introduces the maximum amount of oxygen at all levels of the burn barrel chamber. This enables temperatures to reach in excess of 1800°F inside the barrel. At these temperatures your waste is completely incinerated and reduced to a small pile of ash.

Note: If you are burning 100% organic materials in your burn barrel the fine ash can be used for many different applications. It can be used as a pest deterrent, de-icing agent, lye-making ingredient, compost, fertilizer or cleaner.

You can also use our burn barrel to make charcoal and biochar. Learn more.

All models are constructed from 100% Stainless Steel

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See What Our Customer Have To Say

John H - Hi Temp Burn Barrel Model 2242-SS100

You probably think Burn Right's videos are too good to be true... This is what I love about it...
It lights so easily. Fill it up with trash bags and just have a little paper right on top. It's safe, the spark arrestor cover keeps the fire inside, even during gusts of wind.

It's fun, I actually enjoy this chore now. It's efficient. It burns so much hotter than my old drum, and leaves very little ash behind to discard. It's better for the environment. Since it burns so hot, it breaks things down more and burns cleaner.

It's easy to empty. Just lift the barrel off the ash catcher and sweep the pile into a trash bag. It's durable, it's stainless steel, so I won't have to replace it like 55 gallon drums. It doesn't fill up with water, so you never have to deal with a soggy mess if you don't empty it each time.

Get one. You won't be disappointed.

Deb K - Hi Temp Burn Barrel Model 2242-SS100

We have used our 42"; Burn Right Incinerator almost weekly ever since we got it in May 2010. It is by far the best burn barrel we have ever had. Everything we put in it burns fast, hot and with little ash.

This barrel functions today as well as the day we put it together. It has a well thought out design and is made to last. It is by far one of the best purchases we have ever made.
We highly recommend it!!

Dan K - Hi Temp Burn Barrel Model 2235-SS100

I live in a rural area that allows open burning. Due to concerns about fire, I have always used used 55-gallon drums with holes punched-in to contain the fire. For many years, I could source these at no cost from local
oil jobbers.

A 55 gallon drum would last about 18 months before I had to replace it. Lately, these drums have become harder to find at any cost. I bought a new 2235-SS100 and it has performed beautifully, and burns much hotter and more completely than my old oil drums ever did. The best part is that after 3 years of use (over 450 burn cycles), I can see no evidence of erosion of the metal.

I am extremely satisfied with its' operation. I caught a bit of "Slack" regarding the cost when I ordered it, but my detractors have become silent.
Thanks for delivering on your promise.

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