Making Biochar & Cost -Time Savings Biochar

Biochar is easy to apply. After making & testing your biochar, spread it evenly across your soil then till the soil to properly incorporate the biochar. Once the biochar is in place you’re ready to plant.

Research on the Amazon Basin’s Terra Preta soil shows that biochar can last for millennia with little decay.

Laboratory tests have shown that biochar can persist for up to
1,400 years. So it is safe to say that your first application of biochar should last for a while. However, with consistent use of the soil for gardening and other purposes, the percentage of biochar per volume of soil will decrease over time. This means that re-applications of biochar may be necessary.

With that being the case you have two options. You can purchase biochar from a manufacturer or you can make your own using a modified 5 gallon pail & Burn Right Hi-Temp. Mini-Incinerator. Learn More

Note: Within the next few months, we will be introducing a 10 gallon, 100% stainless steel retort. Enter your information below to be notified as soon as our product comes to market.

Purchasing biochar online will cost you an average of $30 per 5 gallons not including shipping and handling. While purchasing online is expensive it also raises a lot of questions regarding the quality of the Biochar.

By making your own biochar you will have a one-time out-of-pocket expense and be able to control the quality by picking the type of biomass. You’ll also avoid the hassle of waiting for delivery. (Biochar production can take as little as a few hours in your backyard.) In analyzing the cost and benefits, it’s clear that you and your wallet are better served by making your own biochar.

Additional Tips:

  1. Using a chipper or wood shredder to reduce the size of your biomass before charring will produce ideal biochar pieces.
  2. Using yard waste as fuel to produce charcoal & biochar in your backyard is the smart and one of the least expensive ways to produce biochar.