Garden & Health Benefits of Charcoal & Biochar (burning, cooking, and taste)Health Benefits of Biochar

  1. Increases water holding capacity
  2. Increases carbon levels
  3. Decreases Aluminum toxicity
  4. Decreases emissions of greenhouse gases CO2, N2O and CH4
  5. Eliminates artificial chemicals in both your food and heating source
  6. Increased the taste of your food


The other great thing about biochar is that its benefits extend far beyond your soil. Producing biochar is a cleaner method than producing fertilizer. This helps lower emissions of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and fine particles into our atmosphere. Biochar also releases fewer greenhouse gases than traditional compost piles.

In developing nations, new biochar stove technologies produce heat for cooking.

For those grill masters, homemade charcoal is a healthier alternative to traditional lump charcoal. Biochar is free of trace chemicals commonly present in lump charcoal. Some charcoal manufacturers add paraffin, borax and hydrocarbon solvents. Those chemicals get imparted on to your food as the charcoal burns. Charcoal, made from your favorite hardwood, will only enhance your grilled meats and vegetables.