Burn Right Products has been actively providing the best outdoor burning technology since 2001. Initially created to replace dangerous smokey/smoldering burn barrels, we have honed our design over time and currently have the only patented outdoor incinerator on the market.

With temperatures reaching over 1800°F, our barrels produce a
hot, efficient burn that produces cleaner air. Safety is one of our chief
concerns. Our models are built to effectively contain the flame, preventing
wildfires and making for a very safe product.

Our food-grade quality stainless steel design prevents warping, ensuring our models will be durable enough to last for years—in most cases, for over a decade.

We are not the only outdoor Incinerator on the market, but we are the original & the best! See the table below to compare our high-tech patented design with the models of our competitors.


Model:   XL Hi-Temp Burn Barrel   Square Burn Cage 1   Square Burn Cage 2   Square Burn Cage 3   20 Gallon Trash Burner

  100% Stainless Steel   Stainless Steel   Mild Steel - hand oiled   Stainless Steel   Galvanized Steel
Weight:   47 lbs   68 lbs   120 lbs   48 lbs   7.33 lbs
Full Incineration:   Yes - 1800° F   No - 1600° F   No   No   No
Warp Resistant:   Yes   No   No   No   Yes
Patented Design:   Yes - 2 U.S. patents   No   No   No   No
Hold Items Off The Ground:   Yes   No   Optional requires purchase   No    
Requires Assembly:   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   No

Galvanized Steel Vs Stainless Steel


Hot-dipped galvanizing is the process of dipping fabricated steel in a molten zinc bath. This is an effective way to protect steel from corrosion at normal ambient temperatures.

The problem with using galvanized steel in an outdoor incinerator is that zinc has a melting temperature of 787° F. After one burn the zinc will melt off resulting in exposed steel that will rust. Galvanized steel is less expensive but has a shorter life-span than stainless steel.

Stainless steel has a melting point of 2,750° F. which is why our incinerators are lasting over 15 years. Our Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator a little more expensive due to their 100% stainless steel construction but the quality of our stainless steel units are unmatched by the competition.


What our Customers Are Saying...
Vic A. Birchwood, WI (Lake Home Owner) We have a cottage in Northern Wisconsin that is used all spring, summer and fall. We have used a burning pit and an iron barrel to dispose of our burnable items. Neither were satisfactory. The pit kep Read More.....