Permanently destroy hundreds of documents at once!

Eliminate the risk of leaving excess paperwork in your home or office.
All a thief needs is your name, social security number or account number to wreak havoc. Disposing of confidential documents quickly and securely is essential. While there are many document disposal options to choose from there is no better protection than what our Hi-Temp Burn Barrels provide.

With our products you can achieve onsite confidential document disposal with the power of a long lasting heavy-duty industrial shredder.

A onetime out-of-pocket expense can protect you from potentially losing thousands. Destroy your confidential documents forever leaving only a small amount of ash behind rather than pieces of paper to then dispose of.

Save Time

Our powerful paper incinerators allows you to dispose thousands of documents at once.

Save Money
Paper shredding companies charge by the hour or by the pound. This creates an added expense and exposes you to unnecessary risk.

On Site

Along with thermal shredding our Hi-Temp Burn Barrels place the control of confidential document disposal in your hands with onsite shredding capabilities. With 3 different models to choose from, we have the paper incinerator you need.

All models are constructed from 100% Stainless Steel

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Corky S. Ontario, Canada (Fly In Business) My wife and I have a house in the bush in Northern Wisconsin and a fly-in fishing business in Northern Ontario. We have burning barrels at both locations and she is always worried about starting a fir Read More.....

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