Current models achieve temperatures of approximately 1500 -1800oF. the Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator completely engulfs its
contents with an abundance of burning power utterly incinerating all burnable materials to a fine ash.

Edward B from, Palmerton PA
Received my extra large 2242 burn barrel yesterday put together today easily and burned for 3 hours with no problems. We live in a heavily wooded area in Pennsylvania and have been clearing our acre for some years
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Gary H from, South FL
I bought a small burner (Model 2220-SS100) from you on 2/21/11. Your burner works just like you said it would and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thank you.
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Bob P from, Erin WI
Compared to the outdoor burning I was accustomed to doing, my 42" Burn Right Hi. Temp Mini Incinerator is light years ahead in safety, efficiency, portability and ease of use. I use mine mostly for destroying personal records (heard of identity theft?) and yard waste.
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Jimmey M from, Rembert SC
Hello, I am Jimmey. My husband Richard and I purchased one of your burn barrels and have been delighted that it lived up to everything your ad promised.
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John K from, Littleton NC
I simply must pass along my total satisfaction with your 42" incinerator. It works incredibly effectively and safely, especially for damp leaves and pine straw. We have a water front home on Lake Gaston NC in a very wooded, heavily tree covered lot. The dead fall and post-storm blow down of limbs require frequent use of a burn pile ...
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Joe T from, Linden TX
I purchased my Burn Right Incinerator almost two years ago. We have used it several
hundred times...
I invited an enforcement officer from the Texas Forest Service to see my Burn Right Incinerator. He took a look the result was approval to use my Burn Right Incinerator even during burn bans.
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Walt K from Chassell, MI
We bought our first Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator model
at the Ducks Ulimited Great Outdoor Festival back in August of 2002 and have used it several times a week ever since and it has held up very
well all these years.
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