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Happy New Year!

We’re kicking 2015 off right with our Old Man Winter Contest!
Show and tell us how you use your incinerator in the Winter months
and why you like our products to become eligible for a chance to win.

We are giving away a total of $2,000 in prizes so be sure to enter now for your chance to win!


We will be giving away:

- 1st Place: Will Win Our largest Incinerator Model 2242-SS100
- 2nd Place: Will Win Our large Incinerator Model 2235-SS100
- 3rd Place: Will Win Our medium outdoor fireplace Model 2220-SS100
- 4th & 5th Place: Will Win our small camping grill model 2210-SS100



Entrance is FREE, simply post photos, videos and a brief message to our Facebook page for submission. Every post will help us continue to replace unsafe smoky smoldering burn barrels and unsafe open pit burning.
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Show Us How You:

  • Incinerating yard waste
  • Tailgating
  • Parties
  • Camping
  • Making Biochar
  • Thermal shredding to eliminate your confidential papers
  • Our incinerator in action vs a burn barrel
  • Burning out a tree stump

Burn Right TM Products has the only affordable, patented, 100% stainless steel Mini-Incinerator available for home and business.

Our design reaches temperatures of 1800 °F. (view safety precautions) and have replaced both open pit burning and many 55 gallon burn barrels, helping to make our world be a better, safer place.

Of course, we couldn't do it without our many wonderful customers! Help us spread the word and you could win big!

MILITARY DISCOUNT Remember, we offer Military Discounts to our service people. Be sure to tell your friends and loved ones who've served about us - or better yet, surprise them with one of our models.

While your burning please remember the following safety tips:

Please burn safely. If your incinerator begins to smoke, ash build-up is the problem. If ash begins to cover the holes at the bottom, air flow is restricted. Of course, this is easily solved by removing ash with the ability to tip and roll, so please do so often. While in development, we found adding sides to our ash catchers retarded air flow, which is why we made them flat.


We couldn’t be more excited for 2015! Be sure to submit to our Old Man Winter Contest
by April 30th.

Thank you to all the safe burners out there for your support, we know we wouldn't be where we are without our customers. We appreciate your business and encourage you to continue to buy American!


Burn Right Products, LLC ® - P.O. BOX 301 Menomonee Falls, WI 53052
Phone: 262.227.5727 - sales@burnrightproducts.com

All Products Are Manufactured In The U.S.A. And Shipped From Wisconsin