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Bob D. (Cape Canaveral Port Authority) The mini-incinerator works great, it makes short work of getting rid of our old files. What use to take two or more days to burn in our old burn barrel now only takes a half a day and is completely bu Read More.....

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Open fire cooking grills are one of the best tools for preparing and serving food for friends and family.  There is no better way to entertain than with a nice home cooked meal prepared over hickory smoked hardwood coals right in the backyard. 

Our light-weight outdoor stainless steel grills are small enough to carry along on camping and fishing trips yet powerful enough to warm up any night when used as a natural wood burning fireplace.

2220-SS100 or 2210-SS100

Grill / Spark Arrestor Grate


Not only do our open fire cooking grills make your food taste great and lessen clean up time, they can easily be turned into an impressive custom outdoor fireplace in a snap.  Simply fill it with a few logs, slide the new dome-shaped Grill/Spark Arrestor cover in place and relax to the warmth and glow of a natural wood burning fire.

Our outdoor fireplace / cooking grills are available in two sizes: 10 & 20 inch tall models.  Both models have 350 square inches of cooking space making size simply a matter of preference.


Enjoying The Outdoor Fireplace


Model 2210-SS100 & 2220-SS100 are each constructed out of 100% stainless steel, making for an extremely durable and long lasting backyard grill fireplace to be enjoyed for many years. All this is achieved while maintaining the same quality, ease-of-use and safety our products are known for.

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2210-SS100 with cover attached

Cooking Grills


The bottom or base ring is on the outside of the burning chamber allowing the ashes to fall straight to the ground. Once incineration has been completed and the ashes have cooled just tip the fireplace back and move away from the ash pile. Note: ashes may take 1 or more days to cool  click here. Optional Ash Catcher
ash removal made easy ash removal made easy




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With our patented flange design and air-flow system, all contents are completely engulfed in flames creating an abundance of heat and a beautiful fire display. 

All models come with a Grill /Spark Arrestor Cover which contains flying debris creating a Safer Burning Environment!

With the patented design one can enjoy the natural ambiance and warmth of the wood burning fire completely contained in the outdoor fireplace / grill.


enjoying the outdoor fireplace

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