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We at Burn Right Products have been providing superior burning technology since 2001! From the beginning, we’ve been guided by principles of integrity, craftsmanship and environmental awareness. These principles, combined with the invaluable feedback from our customers, have contributed to the constant improvement of our product line over the past several years.

In 2001, when we first introduced the original “Hi Temp Mini-Incinerator,” it was our goal to eliminate the negative overtones involved with do-it-yourself burning. Although the original model burned very well, it was not 100% stainless steel and had a painted base ring. After many rounds of testing we upgraded the material of the original model to 100% stainless steel. This gave our incinerators the long lasting durability and reliability our customers were looking for.

Over the next few years we expanded our product line and introduced three additional models. We also made slight modifications to the overall design. To achieve hotter burn temperatures (1600 to 1800 degrees F), we made major changes to the hole pattern. Additionally, we replaced the flat spark arrestor cover with a newly designed domed cover to prevent warping and allow for better airflow. The new grill/spark arrestor cover can be used for incinerating as well as grilling and comes with a handle to safely remove the cover while hot.

Another great feature of our incinerators is the open bottom. Ashes fall to the ground or onto an ash catcher making clean-up easier. It also decreases the overall weight and makes the incinerator portable. You can check out the evolution of our products in our photo gallery.

In closing we would like to thank our loyal customers for all of their recommendations and support. It’s been our pleasure to offer a product our customer's love and helps the environment.


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Arnold K. Brookfield, WI (Home Owner) I reside on a two acre lot in Brookfield, WI. The location is heavily wooded and would obviously create a lot of yard waste. With a great deal of skepticism I acquired one of your Hi-Temp Mini-Inciner Read More.....