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I highly recommend this incinerator.

- 06th November 2018

These stainless steel mini incinerators are fantastic! I bought my first one seven or eight years ago, but have just reordered the 42 inch incinerator because the original got damaged when a 150 year old pine tree fell on it during Hurricane Michael. I used to burn on the ground and had to put up with an inefficient process, a lot of smoke and clean up afterwards. The Burn Right incinerator burns paper and yard debris cleanly, and completely, and comes with a lid to contain any sparks and wind-born ash. And unlike burn barrels, it will not rust. This is the perfect solution for help with my post hurricane clean up. I highly recommend this incinerator.

I purchased my 42" in 2006

- 04th November 2018

I have not been sorry. Initially I thought the price was high but when amortized over a dozen years it seems like a good investment considering how much we utilize it. We live in a semi rural area and it is great to be able to torch off anything and everything in the barrel with minimum fuss and absolute safety. The unit has taken everything I could throw at it in the form of yard waste, tree limbs, confidential paperwork, you name it. I like the fact that the burn is super fast and complete right down to minimal ash without the usual lingering burn barrel smells and smoke, and I know my neighbors appreciate this as well. I am willing to bet they are not even aware that I am burning. I would not hesitate to recommend this product. I’m certain one of my kids will be using it 30 years from now, as there is nothing to wear out or burn out on the unit. I like the fact that the newer ones have a handle to deal with the maneuvering of the spark arrestor

Long lasting and efficient

- 03rd November 2018

We purchased your incinerator because of the large volume of paper materials that typically go into the dumpster. As a civil engineer, I understand the landfill space that is saved due to use of an incinerator, and think that more municipalities should incinerate their garbage, as natural gas is abundant and reasonably priced. By separating our burnables from our regular trash, we make one trip to the landfill per year, versus sending a full dumpster per month to the landfill. Plus, we are saving money as the landfill fee is $5/year, when hauling 6 large plastic Brute garbage cans full of non-burnable trash per year. We have had one of your large incinerators for 8 years, and it is starting to deteriorate due to the very hot temps that the garbage burns at, so we bought another one. Very happy with the product.

xl incinerator

- 02nd November 2018

I have had an incinerator since 2006 and just replaced it in 2017 only because a tree fell on it during a storm. This is one of the best purchases ever made as the documents and sticks burn up so fast with hardly no smoke and no embers. Thank you for a superior product.

Well worth the investment!

- 19th October 2018

We have owned a Burn Right burn barrel for at least 15 years! We have used the barrel to burn all of our yard waste including large tree trunks. We have found the Burn Right burn barrel to be the most effective burning and it lasts forever! We burn almost every day and it never fails to do an amazing job.

We had used modified barrels (we drilled holes in the barrels). The barrels never lasted more than a year or two then rusted or bent to be unusable.

I truly cannot be more satisfied with a product than Burn Right. It is well made in the USA, lasts a very long time and is the most effective burning barrel available based on our experience.

Great product!

- 18th October 2018

For years I traveled 25 + miles to buy old used metal barrels with who knows what still in the bottom of them. Then I had to chisel the metal top off , leaving unsafe jagged edges to reach over each time I used it, not to mention paying someone to haul it for me. This incinerator will definitely last a lifetime. It burns cardboard and paper to a very fine ash. This will keep a lot of refuse out of the landfill, making the environment cleaner.

We are very pleased with the first use

- 05th September 2018

I was given one of your incinerators several years ago as a birthday gift from my daughter.

She told me that she did not think it was a good idea for her mother to be using burn barrels.
The barrels would constantly "burn up" and have to be replaced. No more!!

I burn garden trimmings, pine limbs and household paper in my new, "burn tube".

It is especially appreciated on Christmas day. It handles all the packaging quit well.

Thanks for such an awesome product!!!

Will attach a couple photos of our first use. Ms. Tommye is lighting the first limbs and later we add the leaves. Really impressive how the limbs/leaves were quickly burned.

I am going to have to elevate the base of the incinerator off the ground to see if I can limit the heat impact on the grass. I had cement blocks under the base, but they were much hotter than I thought they would be when burn was complete. We are very pleased with the first use.

Loving it

- 05th September 2018

It has made a difference in how much we can get done around our yard. We have approximately 45 mostly oak trees in our backyard and this thing makes short work of all those leaves! Before we would make 6 foot diameter piles of leaves and burn them but it was a pain in the ass because they would end up just smoldering and we could never burn all of them in one day and then end up bagging up 40+ plus bags which cost out the corn hole for bags and ended up taking up my whole weekend and then some when i couldn't get help from the boys or the wife! But not anymore! I go through all those leaves and looking for more lol.
P.S. I did have a problem with two screws but swapped them out with two others in the bag as it came with extras and those tightened up without a problem. Happy Incinerating!

We are very pleased with the first use

- 01st September 2018

Ron, just a note to say the veteran discount check came in yesterday's mail. I thought I would attach a couple photos of our first use of the incinerator.

Ms. Tommye (wife) and I had some limbs over the yard from some recent thunderstorm winds as well as some magnolia tree leaves that were the initial test of the incinerator.

Will attach a couple photos of our first use. Ms. Tommye is lighting the first limbs and later we add the leaves. Really impressive how the limbs/leaves were quickly burned.

I am going to have to elevate the base of the incinerator off the ground to see if I can limit the heat impact on the grass. I had cement blocks under the base, but they were much hotter than I thought they would be when burn was complete. We are very pleased with the first use.

This thing is everything you said it would be!

- 31st August 2018

Good morning Ronald,
I meant to email you sooner, but life caught up with me and I have been busy as heck. Thanks for the quick mail out of my burn barrel. I work out of town through the week and I had called my wife to tell her to be expecting it, that the website said around twelve days after you place your order it should arrive, she informs me it’s already there. Well like a kid at Christmas I was ready to play with it. It took about three weeks before I could honestly use it, because the stuff I had to burn was wet. But I finally got to use it last weekend and that thing was everything you said it would be. I have several piles of stuff I’m trying to burn and it burns it faster than I can get the stuff cut down to size. Thanks Sir for a great American made product. Thank you for your military service to this country as well. Have a great Labor Day weekend.

The way the parts go together is brilliant

- 16th June 2018

Our ship came in and with it out incinerator in our crate. We put it together this afternoon and tried it out. The way the parts go together is brilliant. We loaded it up with a bag of fresh trash and then put in a bunch of wet half burned stuff out of the bottom of our trash pit on top. We still had flames almost as high as those in the picture on your website even with all the wet stuff in there. And there wasn’t much left volume wise when I came in the house. The instructions were clear enough but the engineering student who is our intern this summer and I had two observations on the instructions.

The first is that if you have us start putting the curved pieces together while they are upside down you save turning the unit over once. The second is that you have to try by trial and error to know if the little pieces that hold the top on go on the inside or the outside. Hard to see from the pictures and the written instructions don’t say. Anyhow, that is feedback from someone who has never seen one before. Even without the instructions, with a little bit of futzing you can figure it out because the assembly is so logical.

Thanks for a great product. I think we are going to need to be saving up for a second one for at the yard where the shop and guesthouse are located. I also want to try it on the litter that is considerable on the side of the road. We usually have a problem with what to do with it after it is picked up.

Thanks for the extra hardware bag. We didn’t need it but was nice to have it because I can’t tell you how many times we have had something that lacked a bolt or small piece and it was a month or two before we could get them in here and get whatever it was working.

High Quality American made product

- 12th June 2018

Howdy Ron,

Thank you for returning my call today. I enjoyed talking with you, and getting tips on proper performance of my new Burn Right burn cage. I look forward to the easier disposal of the yearly storm blow down clean up.

If the Military discount offer is still available I would like to request it if possible. I thank you for your consideration of the Men, and Women of the Armed Forces, and the First responder cadre. I wish to thank you for manufacturing, and making available a High Quality American made product to us. Thank you Ron.

Great Burning Barrel

- 09th May 2018

This is a lot to pay for a burn barrel. But it performs as expected and assembled easily contrary to other reviews. The fasteners were of good quality and the instructions were concise.

Burn Barrel Nbr 2

- 05th May 2018

This is the 2nd Burn Barrel I have bought in a year. I have used all types, most have been square and they warped the first time used. my Burn Barrel's have never warped and they burned the trash to a fine ash. As I have said before these are the Best of the Best

Thanks much

Easier Assembly

- 05th May 2018

To make it easier to assemble, if you have a 10-32 Tap, Tap the holes before you use the 10-32 screws, that way was a lot less work for me.

Lots of Luck
And have a Good day


- 11th April 2018

I'm the burner in the family, so it took a little convincing to get the hubby to agree to this purchase. We went with the largest unit....if you're gonna go...GO BIG! Needless to stay, he was absolutely amazed when he saw it in action (so was I, but I acted as if I knew how great it was all along)! Anyway, fast forward to a little over a year later, and here I am, buying a replacement spark arrester....he ran over it with the tractor!

We love your burn barrel!

- 22nd March 2018

I wanted to thank you again for your love of our country and your respect and recognition of those of us who served.

We love your burn barrel! I don't think it was here 4 hours and until we had it together and burning!
And again thank you for the speedy delivery.

Best money spent

- 21st March 2018

I have had the Extra large burn barrel for over 10 years and have no problems with it. I am getting ready to buy a second one for my mother.

The incinerator is worth every penny I paid for it

- 05th March 2018

Dear Sirs,
I purchased a Burnright Incinerator several years ago to use burning general yard waste such as limbs and branches and leaves as well as general household waste that can be burned such as documents with our name and account numbers that we NEVER toss in the trash that goes to a landfill somewhere.

The product is fantastic! No longer do I have to stir and re-burn because everything did not burn, especially documents and paper. The incinerator burns everything completely and cleanly without smoldering and smoking for hours or days. I purchased the top that serves as a spark arrestor so I don’t have to worry about large pieces of smoldering paper or leaves blowing out and setting the woods or grass on fire.

I was particularly attracted to your product primarily for three reasons; It is made entirely of Stainless Steel so it will not rust away near the bottom like a burn barrel does, it is made in the USA, and the design allows combustion air to enter from bottom to top thus allowing complete incineration instead of having a growing mass of wet unburned material that slowly accumulates from the bottom and ultimately rusts out the container.

I have dealt with the company 2 years after the sale when I needed to replace the two cross members that cross near the bottom of the incinerator to keep the debris up off the ground and allow combustion air to enter from the bottom as well as the sides to insure complete combustion. I explained my problem; the gentleman actually listened to what I had to say and sent me the replacement parts free of charge. They even covered shipping!

The incinerator is worth every penny I paid for it, their customer service after the sale is top notch and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good long term solution, it may seem a little pricey initially but when you weigh it against the longevity of the product and it is quite economical.

Business Records

- 10th February 2018

I neglected to enter this in my review which is below. In Florida its illegal to burn outside in most places, and there is a myriad of scummy burn companies who charge big bucks to burn old business records, usually by the pound. I take my records up to my ranch property and burn them for free in my burn rite, it will completely destroy two bankers boxes of paper in about 15 minutes, AMAZING. All for the cost of a match and a shot glass full of BBQ lighter. Best product I ever owned. Will definitely replace it when its finally used up if ever... the way its built, it will outlive me.

Lid can fly off during a wind storm

- 07th February 2018

I live in rural West Virginia and have used this product for several years. Very happy with it as it reduces the amount of trips to the dump. I read through all of the comments and didn't see any discussion of what I'm about to bring up. I live on top of a hill and occasionally we get some fairly strong gusts of wind. I had to add some heavy duty tent spikes to keep the burn barrel from blowing over. That fixed the problem. Several times after a storm I've had to go searching for the burner's lid. Depending on how the wind is blowing it apparently can lift up and take off like a giant Frisbee. That and because it is round it can wind up rolling like a hub cap if it lands on its edge. This morning I found the lid about a 150' from the burner. I just outfitted it with a bungee cord to keep it from showing up on someone's radar anytime in the future. These are not complaints just observations for others to be aware of. Easily fixed. This is a great burner and I highly recommend it.

I burn garden trimmings, pine limbs and household paper in my new, "burn tube".

It is especially appreciated on Christmas day. It handles all the packaging quit well.

Thanks for such an awesome product!!!

Will attach a couple photos of our first use. Ms. Tommye is lighting the first limbs and later we add the leaves. Really impressive how the limbs/leaves were quickly burned.

I am going to have to elevate the base of the incinerator off the ground to see if I can limit the heat impact on the grass. I had cement blocks under the base, but they were much hotter than I thought they would be when burn was complete. We are very pleased with the first use.

It was easy to assemble

- 05th February 2018

I purchased the largest burn barrel you make 4-5 years ago for my weekend property. It was easy to assemble and has served us well. And we have used it steadily primarily for burnable trash and the mountains of pinecones which we rake up so they don’t tear up our mower blades. We can burn 55 gallons of pinecones in 10 minutes with a shot glass full of charcoal lighter. We had a grass fire started by a mower clutch last year and Florida Forestry was so curious about out burn barrel they asked me to demonstrate it and they were amazed at how well it contains all embers and sparks and the speed and completeness of the burn. Recently we moved the unit to repair an underground water pipe and one of my boys lost the handle used to pick up the lid, and you kindly offered to mail me one, thank you.

Thank you for a wonderful product

- 27th November 2017

We love our incinerator especially living in Colorado where wildfires are very much a concern. We recently burned the remainder of our kitchen tear out lumber, sheetrock, and other items in no time at all and with very little smoke. We did not even get a visit from the local fire department as does happen when the neighbors smell smoke.

Purchased around May of 2014.

- 27th November 2017

Thank you. My ‘Burn Right’ 55 gallon barrel is still doing super work. I watch it, but any escape is just small ash that breaks up and never had a flame when outside the barrel.

That’s about all one can ask for in a product.

- 24th November 2017

During March 2010 I purchased a Burn Right Incinerator (Part No. 2242-SS100) and Ash Catcher (Part No. 22-AC) for my two year old house. For some time prior to the purchase, I knew I wanted a device to burn paper and light cardboard for convenience and, also, to relieve the burden they put on my weekly trash collection. Additionally, I wanted to switch from time consuming paper shredding to paper burning of personal files and records that were no longer required.

I initially considered using the traditional modified 55-gallon oil drum, however, I did not know where to purchase one and I did not have a way to transport it. A complete drum also requires extensive modification (via hammer and chisel), has no side air intake (without additional modification) and is subject to corrosion and structural breakdown after a few years use. There were none of these issues with the Burn Right items: they were delivered to my house, they were clean, they had the required design features and they were corrosion

My first task was to clear a large area in my backyard and install a level foundation for the Ash Catcher and Incinerator. I dug a few inches into the top soil and placed a leveled, matching, double layer of 18”x18”x2” concrete
patio blocks, four on the top (in a square) and four on the bottom (also in a square) for a total of eight blocks. Leveling sand, purchased with the blocks, was used to properly orientate the doubly stacked blocks. Next, I assembled the Incinerator in my garage and, after completion, carried it and the Ash Catcher to the backyard for placement on the block foundation. The Ash Catcher (23.5”x23.5”) fit nicely on the 36”X36” block foundation; I then placed the Incinerator on top of the Ash Catcher and added
its Cover. Finally, I placed four small patio blocks, each shaped like a sector of an annulus, around the Incinerator’s Base Ring every 90-degrees to anchor and stabilize it.

I restrict burning to dry, unstacked paper and light cardboard, mostly unneeded mail items, obsolete personal files, and paper plates and napkins. These items burn almost completely in the Incinerator, leaving only a few inches
of ash on the Ash Catcher per year. Thus, I found cleaning the Incinerator just once per year (usually during the summer) is sufficient to keep the system operating properly and efficiently. The purchased system required no further modifications on my part
and it requires very little maintenance. Additionally, except for a light black oxide coating on the stainless steel, the Burn Right items still look like new. That’s about all one can ask for in a product.

Far Exceeded Our Expectations

- 20th November 2017

For us, buying a Burn Right Burn Barrel has been one of those few items that we have purchased that has far exceeded our expectations. We absolutely feel like we made the right decision and would buy it again.

My husband thought I was crazy spending so much on a burn barrel. It didn’t take him long to admit it was a great investment, and show it off to friends.

We used to replace a 55 gallon drum burn barrel every couple years. They just didn’t last, they created a lot of smoke, and never completely burned everything. With the Burn Right Burn Barrel everything is burned cleanly with very little ash left over.

We have been using our Burn Right Burn Barrel every couple weeks since 2010. It’s holding up amazingly well, and we don’t see any sign of deterioration.

If we ever move from our property, our Burn Right Burn Barrel is most definitely coming with us.

We relocate our Burn Right Burn Barrel in the spring and fall to different nearby locations on our properly. It’s easily moved by sliding it onto a tarp and dragging it to its new location.

The only issue we have had, which has been no big deal is we have lost a couple screws from it being moved around.

We love our Burn Right Burn Barrel. You will too!

I am a happy camper!

- 15th September 2017

Last year I spent about $100 on a leaf burner along with several pieces of metal to contain the hot ash. It was an expensive joke. After trying for several hours to dispose of one tarp full of leaves I had at least as much ash as as you see in the foreground of my picture. I also had a burned hand, stunk of smoke, had to chase hot ashes with the hose, and had a nasty mess to clean up. This year is already a joy with my new Burn Right incinerator. The ashes you see are from the Burn Right after four snuggly
packed loads of leaves. No stench, no burns, no flying sparks, and easy ash disposal.

Five Stars

- 06th September 2017

Husband able to burn leaves and papers without burning the yard.

I would recommend

- 30th August 2017

I ordered the 42" on a Tuesday and it arrived on Wednesday. No problem putting it together. I have already burned a couple times and it worked wonderfully. very little ash escapes. No fear of a fire starting.

Helps Protect Us From Identity theft

- 25th August 2017

Due to so many people having their accounts hacked we decided to burn all mail that we dispose of rather than throw it into the trash where it could be pilfered.

Allowing criminals to access your name and other information to set up false accounts. We have been very pleased with our burn device and feel more secure knowing our personal information is safe.

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