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Best of the Best

- 04th April 2017

I tried another brand burn cage (square), it warped the first time I used it. So far I have burned 3 full loads of burn material of all types and the barrel is still in the original shape, it discolored but that was natural. All that was left after burning was pure ash, the other cage left a lot of trash that had to be shoveled to a wheel barrow and hauled away. As I said the Best of the Best

Best burn barrel on the market!

- 15th March 2017

I would not have purchased this product if it wasn't the best on the market.

Our incinerator is amazing.

- 27th February 2017

We stored up 4 bags of confidential information to
burn and were hoping to roast marshmallows over the flames but Burn RightTM
incinerators are so fast and efficient that the documents went up in

My take on the DR Power burn cage with hinges vs the Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator model 2242-SS100

- 24th February 2017

Burn Right's Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator:

Good quality, easy to assemble, and sturdy. The cap is easy to mount due to three brackets mounted on top of the burner. The complete ring installed on the bottom of the barrel makes it very sturdy. The barrel is strengthened by two angle bars inside near the bottom. Overall, this is the best burn barrel I’ve bought out of my three purchases.

DR Power burn cage with hinges:

My old square Burn Cage served me five years. Over time, warped sides and a bent top plate made it hard to load the materials. The four feet mounted on the bottom of the barrel made it very unstable. The material was thin and made it hard to empty. I would never buy another square burner like this one! The Burn Right’s round design allows for more space to burn materials and an overall better, more efficient burn.

LG Stainless Burner

- 21st February 2017

I have used it for 3 days to burn a tree stump. Works great!

We've had ours for 5 years with no problems.

- 07th February 2017

Works great as a fire pit and also incinerator. We've loaned ours out to our accountant who uses it to burn dated private tax information. What a great product...we've had ours for 5 years with no problems.

I highly recommend purchasing the largest you can afford, it ends the worry of catching the forest on fire.

- 07th February 2017

The county I live in doesn't allow burn barrels but having pine needles that blanket the ground after every storm is endless. I burn a full barrel every 30 to 40 minutes without much smoke if the needles ignite from the top. If the pile starts from the previous fires ash I get more smoke until the needles get going. Our barrel is 3 years old and discolored. I bring the barrel in at night so it doesn't disappear. This purchase is the best way to get rid of the endless needle fallout. I see my neighbors burn piles on the ground that smoke out the neighborhood but not me. I highly recommend purchasing the largest you can afford, it ends the worry of catching the forest on fire.

BEST Burn barrels on the Market

- 03rd February 2017

The BEST Burn barrels on the Market. I am amazed at how well these work!

The best burn barrel ever made. It can handle anything you throw at at it.

- 23rd January 2017

Mine is 2 years old, and has burned many a huge fire, and other than some discoloring, It shows no sign of the abuse I've put it through. fire's burn great and is very mesmerizing. I believe all my neighbors would get one, if I didn't have one already. great product!

Extra Large Burn Barrel

- 02nd December 2016

Initially unsure about spending this much for a burn barrel, but it's really more than that. Amazing how fast material is incinerated. Material is burned completely to a fine ash. It's all about air and no "drum burn barrel" would hold up to the heat created inside this unit. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Extra Large Burn Barrel

- 28th November 2016

Works great. I had issues during assembly and contacted Ron. I could not get the screws in and there are a lot of them, approximately 80. As Ron stated, you can't do it with s screwdriver! Well you can't do it with a 1/4" power drill either. I got a 3/8" corded drill and had no problem after that. I burned off all my leaves and grass clipping and then started looking for things to burn. It did great and clean up was easy with the optional ash catcher!

Efficient Burn!

- 25th November 2016

Coincidence? I was just admiring the efficiency of my Burn Right today. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, too.

Works Great!!!

- 23rd November 2016

Got my Extra Large Burn Barrel about a week only complaint is the holes in the top cover need to be smaller, it lets out to much ash. Other than that anything [other than plastic] you throw in it will be gone in minutes.

Extra Large Burn Barrel

- 19th November 2016

Excellent product, fast shipment, very easy straight forward assembly

Burns hot and Fast

- 08th November 2016

burns hot and fast , very few ashes, easy to assembly and easy clean up.

Burns Hot

- 07th November 2016

Been using the extra large for over a year now. Clean out of ash is simple process of tipping and rolling the barrel off the ash catcher, scoop up the ash and replace the barrel. Very satisfied with it!

Large burn barrel

- 29th October 2016

My husband and I enjoy sitting around the incinerator for a night of warmth and visiting (and a glass of wine doesn't hurt). At the same time, we can burn up our personal paperwork and not worry about pieces floating away in the air. The incinerator is fast and efficient. Thank you for making such a wonderful product and backing it up with excellent service.

You are always there to answer any questions we have; that is definitely a plus in today's market!

Large burn barrel

- 08th October 2016

Works as advertised. Burns completely and fast

Easy To Put Together

- 07th October 2016

Fairly easy to put together and it works great.

Easy to Assemble and works great!

- 29th August 2016

I recently purchased the extra large model burn barrel. The assembly was easy and the instructions were very helpful, however you should read thoroughly. Use a drill with a torque setting that doesn't overtorque the screws. If you don't have a cordless drill with adjustable torque buy one or borrow one and your experience will be well worth it. Loaded the barrel the first time and all that was left was powder. If you're a veteran don't forget to ask for the veteran's discount. Ron will get a check out to you promptly. Thanks for your help with my purchase, Ron and keep up the great work on your products.


Bill Privott
Currituck, NC

We should have bought this product years ago.

- 17th August 2016

We purchased the Extra Large Burn Barrel on 8/3/16 and received it on 8/10/16. Assembly was very easy.

In the past we burned our household paper trash in a 55-gal barrel. Always had lots of smoke, ashes & unburned stuff at the bottom of the barrel.

We have used the Burn Right barrel twice since receiving it. WOW, what a huge difference. We burned about 3 times the amount of trash we usually
burn & there was very little smoke. The trash burned quickly & there was only a little pile of ashes afterwards.

This is a wonderful product & we wish we would have bought it years ago!

Thanks Burn Bright.

Works Great

- 16th August 2016

I ordered an incinerator from you earlier this year. Works great. Good product. Went together well and is holding up.

Thank you so much!!! I really do appreciate your kindness.

- 04th August 2016

We have been burning household trash & yard debris in a 55-gallon barrel for many years. We are looking forward to using the Burn Right Mini-Incinerator. Your customer reviews were fabulous. The quality of your product & being made here in the USA were the clinchers for us.

Thank you again

This thing is great!

- 04th August 2016

This thing is great! It is worth the money. It makes life so much easier in terms of getting rid of yard waste. Love this thing!

Great American Made Product!

- 28th July 2016

When I decided to purchase a real burn barrel I researched the available products on the market only to be discouraged by the fact that most were made in China. Then I came across Burn Right Products! After a call to the company to confirm their products were indeed 100% AMERICAN made I was in contact with a gentleman who confirmed that indeed they were. I ordered the large model and it arrived promptly and I was able to assemble it quickly and without any trouble at all. After a week of use I could not be more satisfied with my decision.

Couldn't be more pleased with this product for the money-

- 23rd July 2016

Easily the highest quality burn barrel I've ever owned. High capacity perforated drum burns hot, clean, quickly & COMPLETELY. It incinerates household garbage, brush, branches and clippings down to total ash in minutes. Easy tip and scoop cleanup. I was worried about assembly after reading some tough reviews but went smoothly with an 18v Milwaukee impact drill.
Couldn't be more pleased with this product for the money-

American Legion Post 757 Flag Retirement Ceremony

- 10th July 2016

I would like to share with you what a difference your mini incinerator made
for the American Legion Post 757 Flag Retirement Ceremony this year. Last
year we used just large steel barrels. The smoke we generated was terrible
and there was a lot of residue left in the barrels after the flags were
burned. The barrels were so hot for a long while and we had to leave them
where they stood until the next day.

This year we used the mini incinerator we got from you. After much
discussion, I was overruled in following your explicit instructions not to
add flags to the flames after the fire was lit. We still generated a good
amount of smoke, but not as much as last year. The fire was intensely hot
and quickly reduced the flags to very little ash. We were pleasantly
surprised by how quickly the incinerator cooled off and we were able to
take it back to our Post the same day. I would definitely recommend your
product to anyone looking for an efficient and user friendly incinerator.

Thank you for informing us how to correctly attach the lid clips. We will
reverse them for use at our next Flag Retirement Ceremony.

We bought this incinerator about 10 years ago

- 07th July 2016

We bought this incinerator about 10 years ago and have used it to burn trash, yard waste and cardboard over and over again. It still works great. I've saved a lot of money and hassle by not buying used oil barrels and having to haul them, dispose the old one and cut the top out of the new one. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made.

The ashes from a family of four for a months worth of trash barely fill a five pound coffee can!

- 06th July 2016

I have burned paper trash for as long as I can remember. I have used burn
barrels, fire pits, old refrigerators, chimneys and about anything else
you can think of.

I finally got fed up with ash everywhere, half burned
paper, and a smudgeey fire that lasted for days. I bought the 42” Burn Right
unit but was still skeptical.

Now my fires last only a few minutes and the ash is pretty well contained inside the unit. In addition, the ash is so fine and completely burnt, the ashes from a family of four for a months
worth of trash barely fill a five pound coffee can.

My city slicker relatives are all now buying Burn Right units because they are clean and “green”. Great Unit, and it arrived in only a few days. Plus I got a veterans discount and free shipping. THANKS!

Outstanding, reasonably sturdy piece of equipment

- 05th July 2016

I took a bit of time off this afternoon to assemble and test the new Mini Incinerator…..Outstanding, reasonably sturdy piece of equipment…..I do not know what other folks were complaining about regarding the assembly……Instructions were fine and a small impact driver made short order of the process…..30 minutes tops……..(And the screws provided with the unit were actually better than the high quality pointed ones I purchased as recommended in some of the reviews because the threads were finer on what came with the unit and seemed to snug down more tightly with the impact driver……)

Rolled the unit out to the pasture between two large brush piles…….Incinerated four large trash bags of packed confidential papers (very difficult to burn) and about ½ of two brush piles (one pile 20 x 20 by 4 feet of brush and one pile 10 x 10 by 2 feet of leaves and packed scrub of two years) in about two hours…….Did have to use my electric chainsaw to cut the larger branches in smaller pieces to fit in the unit but no big issue…..The final ashes in the incinerator from the burn appears to be approximately ¼ of the height of the unit…..Unit burns material very hot and fairly clean (approximately ¼ of the smoke and ash I would get when trying to burn the open brush pile)…..…..4 inch diameter x 2 feet branches seem to burn thoroughly in about 10 minutes…….However the unit is absolutely fine to simply walk up to it every 4-5 minutes and keep feeding new materials to burn…….(I burned the material with the lid off once I saw how simple and safe it is to keep adding burn materials to the unit)……….

Very outstanding when finished……Just put the lid on and walk away with no concerns………This is a very fine, safe unit to use.....No open flames to get away from you and no fuel required to add to get the material to burn.....

A fairly expensive unit and am rating this a 4 at this time…..I have no complaints whatever about the quality, assembly and the safe use of this unit.....I will use this at least 10-12 times over the next year and will change the rating to 5+ if the unit stands up as well after a year as other users claim (which I suspect it will because of the apparent high quality stainless apparently used for the unit)…..

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