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Outstanding, reasonably sturdy piece of equipment

- 05th July 2016

I took a bit of time off this afternoon to assemble and test the new Mini Incinerator…..Outstanding, reasonably sturdy piece of equipment…..I do not know what other folks were complaining about regarding the assembly……Instructions were fine and a small impact driver made short order of the process…..30 minutes tops……..(And the screws provided with the unit were actually better than the high quality pointed ones I purchased as recommended in some of the reviews because the threads were finer on what came with the unit and seemed to snug down more tightly with the impact driver……)

Rolled the unit out to the pasture between two large brush piles…….Incinerated four large trash bags of packed confidential papers (very difficult to burn) and about ½ of two brush piles (one pile 20 x 20 by 4 feet of brush and one pile 10 x 10 by 2 feet of leaves and packed scrub of two years) in about two hours…….Did have to use my electric chainsaw to cut the larger branches in smaller pieces to fit in the unit but no big issue…..The final ashes in the incinerator from the burn appears to be approximately ¼ of the height of the unit…..Unit burns material very hot and fairly clean (approximately ¼ of the smoke and ash I would get when trying to burn the open brush pile)…..…..4 inch diameter x 2 feet branches seem to burn thoroughly in about 10 minutes…….However the unit is absolutely fine to simply walk up to it every 4-5 minutes and keep feeding new materials to burn…….(I burned the material with the lid off once I saw how simple and safe it is to keep adding burn materials to the unit)……….

Very outstanding when finished……Just put the lid on and walk away with no concerns………This is a very fine, safe unit to use.....No open flames to get away from you and no fuel required to add to get the material to burn.....

A fairly expensive unit and am rating this a 4 at this time…..I have no complaints whatever about the quality, assembly and the safe use of this unit.....I will use this at least 10-12 times over the next year and will change the rating to 5+ if the unit stands up as well after a year as other users claim (which I suspect it will because of the apparent high quality stainless apparently used for the unit)…..

I am very satisfied with the barrel

- 25th April 2016

I took off 1 star for the assembly instructions. I am very satisfied with the barrel. The instructions should have much bigger pictures. All screws are 10-32 hex head self-tapping machine screws. I used a 5/16" hex driver with magnetic holder. The base ring is assembled with the same screws and 5/8" nuts. I used a torque drill (Rockwell 3rill) and assembly was fast and easy.

The cross bars at the bottom have tabs on one end that lock them into the barrel. Just twist the tabs up.

- 13th June 2008

We purchased several burn right barrels for our fly-in outposts. What a great and safe way to eliminate our guests paper garbage. Saves a lot in additional flying out unnecessary paper waste. We also have one at our house and use it just about every day for our office papers and packaging waste. We have been very pleased with the barrels and will tell our friends and relatives about your product.

- 13th June 2008

After over half a century of burning trash on the ground or in a burn barrel, always slow and tedious. I am delighted to be able to burn so quickly and completely in my Hi-temp mini-incinerator. In three years it has required cleaning barely once a year, which is accomplished with little effort. Truly amazing!! It's surely one of my wisest investments.

- 13th June 2008

I assembled and used the fireplace today and it works great. Absolutely loved it! My girls had a sledding party and then they got warm by the fire as they roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.

- 13th June 2008

The burn barrel has, without a doubt, cut the time I have spent burning material by a factor of 10. It is vastly more efficient than using 55 gallon drums or garbage cans as burn barrels. I have been using it now for two years and it is well worth the money. What took me (literally) 5 to 6 hours to burn, including adding kerosene to get all the papers burned, I can do in 30 minutes without adding anything. In fact, during a stiff breeze, I had trouble keeping up with it.

- 13th June 2008

I have been using my Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator a lot these past few weeks with leaves and I am totally amazed at how great it works. In no time all of the leaves are completely gone. I had a lot of pine cones and needles in my trash and all was completely gone. I feel that the unit is very safe and had a great opportunity to give it a real work out.

- 13th June 2008

Fairbanks Forestry tested the Burn Right Products Mini-Incinerator and it performed like they claimed. We burned six telephone books and many out-dated burn permit books on top of some paper waste and the books were 95% plus consumed. The incinerator also worked well with other heavier materials like wood. With a bottom attached and the lid on, the mini-incinerator meets the burn barrel requirements for the Alaska Division of Forestry. I would recommend this product to anyone who regularly disposes paper waste.

- 13th June 2008

The mini-incinerator works great, it makes short work of getting rid of our old files. What use to take two or more days to burn in our old burn barrel now only takes a half a day and is completely burned. I'm truly satisfied with your product.

- 13th June 2008

I was so impressed watching the Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator in action at the annual Kenora District Camp Owners Associations' (KDCA) meeting. It easily incinerated all of our burnable materials from the party very quickly in a safe, clean efficient manner. Sure looks like a winner to me!

- 13th June 2008

We have been burning combustible materials in the town of Richfield since 1954 and have burned in everything you can think of, from a stone lined pit to a 55 gallon drum; even a woven wire enclosure and one built of cement blocks. Not until we started using a Mini-Incinerator a few years ago, have we had the mess and frustration of burning combustible materials put behind us. With the Mini-Incinerator, engineered the way it is, the combustion is much more complete; it can be charged easily (the large volume of it) and it can be emptied readily (not much left because it burns so efficiently), and they last (don't burn out like wire enclosures or the old 55 gallon drums). Our children live close by and they too enjoy the fruits of good engineering when it come to burning combustible materials. Wouldn't be without one!

- 13th June 2008

My wife and I have a house in the bush in Northern Wisconsin and a fly-in fishing business in Northern Ontario. We have burning barrels at both locations and she is always worried about starting a fire. We purchased 2 Hi-temp Mini-Incinerators and I used one of them this past weekend. Amazing how your design allows the material to burn at such a terrific high temperature and it's gone in minutes. Can't wait to show it to my friends in Ontario.

- 13th June 2008

I reside on a two acre lot in Brookfield, WI. The location is heavily wooded and would obviously create a lot of yard waste. With a great deal of skepticism I acquired one of your Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerators approximately 6 months ago. I was astonished at the efficient manner in which the waste was incinerated. You have convinced a skeptic.

- 13th June 2008

Living in Wisconsin's "north woods" I was very hesitant to have a burning barrel in my backyard for fear of spreading fire to the surrounding habitat. After seeing this product at a sport show I purchased one for my myself. I am truly satisfied at how well this unit contains the fire and at how completely the items burn. It really is an incinerator. Great product.

- 13th June 2008

It works like a charm. Burns everything that's burnable in less then 10 minutes. Basically it is the best device for burning paper and other burnable items that I have ever seen or used. It leaves very little ash because it burns so hot and so thoroughly. After 2 months I still haven't removed the ashes and they are not even up to the bottom of the cross bars. I have included some pictures of a dear who even thought the Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator was great, Enjoy!

- 13th June 2008

We have a cottage in Northern Wisconsin that is used all spring, summer and fall. We have used a burning pit and an iron barrel to dispose of our burnable items. Neither were satisfactory. The pit kept filling and flying, and the barrel rusted and deteriorated, and it was all a mess to clean up. During the spring of 2002, we put up a Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator and our problems were solved. The intensity of the heat burns thoroughly, the stainless steel does not rust. The flaming particles do not fly everywhere and it is simple to clean. We would (and have) recommended it to everyone.

- 13th June 2008

Living in New England, we receive some very harsh winter storms making for an enormous amount of brush to pick up and lug away in the Spring. After easily assembling my Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator I quickly went to work incinerating the fallen branches and leaves. I have never used or heard of a product that burns better than this. It completely contains the fire and is very easy to empty the ashes. Excellent Craftsmanship, Excellent Product!

- 29th August 2009

We bought our first Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator (model L-XL-SS100) at the DU Great Outdoor Festival back in August of 2002 and have used it several times a week ever since and it has held up very well all these years. Clean, efficient and a real time saver when it comes to disposing of burnable waste.

- 26th August 2011

That 'nip in the air' in your lead sentence is a bit hard to find today. 5:00 PM temperature is 110 degrees, no rain for months, and the entire East Texas area is under a `burn ban' - minimum fine is $500.00.

The two burn barrels I bought are both doing great, although not used recently. Combustion is so complete that I found it necessary to empty the ash build up only about every 3 months. You have a great product. Cheers

- 16th September 2011

I purchased my Burn Right Incinerator almost two years ago. We have used it several hundred times. Texas is burning up and we have had burn bans for many months. I invited an enforcement officer from the Texas Forest Service to see my Burn Right Incinerator. He took a look and then did some research. The result was approval to use my Burn Right Incinerator even during burn bans as long as I followed these rules:

1. 20 foot plus perimeter around the appliance.

2. Use the Burn Right Incinerator in calm conditions. If it is windy or even breezy it should not be used.

3. Keep an eye on the Burn Right when it is in use.

This one of the smartest purchases we have made.

Lives up the the Hype!

- 11th June 2013

We purchased the extra large burn barrel to use burning our confidential documents and mail we used to shred.

We loaded the burner up with a large garbage bag full of paper. Lit the paper with matches on four sides. It burned down to nothing but fine ash within an hour. Very little smoke. My son-in-law was skeptical it would burn without using some type of accelerant. He was impressed, as were we all.

Seeing is believing, this thing works just like the videos show. No poking with a stick, very little to no smoke, complete burn down to ashes.

Our neighbor uses a 55 gallon drum with holes poked in in to burn. It takes hours and he has to keep poking it with a stick. It smokes to high heaven and doesn't burn completely to ashes. Hot sparks fly out the top and into the air. Not so with the burn right. The spark arrestor lid keeps the hot stuff where it belongs, inside the incinerator!

- 15th December 2009

I just thought I should add my two cents regarding the Model S-M-SS100 I purchased from you. I really love the thing. Middle of winter I had a party, set up chairs around the unit and got it going. It was well below freezing and I had all the guys kicking back in chairs talking and enjoying themselves not even noticing the cold. The heat this thing throws well exceeds any fire pit I've ever seen. Beyond the obvious things like burning yard debris, or documents the unit is just fun: a better idea than anything out there. And clean up is a breeze? You are too good to me.

- 15th December 2009

I received, about a week ago, my Burn Right unit. I bought the extra high unit. You know in all the years I have been in business, everytime you buy something there is always short comings; yours does not! It absolutely performs as you advertise. I am so tickled. It burns like a blow tourch. It sucks up everything. Thank you very much.

- 16th June 2011

Here are the photos of our Chinese Ceremonial Burners with your product inside as the burning furnace. They are working wonderfully and everyone from the Chinese communities that use them at our City Council are impressed with the way they work. Congratulations on a fabulous product, and thank you for working with me to make this project successful.

- 16th June 2011

Having spent 12 years in the solid fuel industry with Blaze King Products, I knew as soon as I saw the design of the 2242-SS100 that this baby would work. WOW! I consider it my #1 purchase for 2010. Not only will it burn virtually any yard waste you can feed it, once the fire is established, it burns almost as fast as you can move the material. It will literally reduce 5 yards of material into 5 gallons of fine ash. I chose the 2242-SS100 because we have 5 acres of mixed vegetation. It definitely burns clean and fast.

- 16th June 2011

I found this incinerator on the internet when I was looking for a better way to burn trash, I found that it does everything the company claims. I’ve watched as the material burns and, although flames do come out, with minute pieces of ash, there are no flowing embers or big pieces of ash that escape. Household trash and yard farm trash burn fast and safely, with little or no smoke.

- 16th June 2011

A friend, in the San Juan Islands, ordered one of your burn barrels and I tried it out. My major problem is burning up innumerable magazines and catalogs that do poorly in 55 gallon drums. I was impressed with how well your burn barrel handled these materials without my having to tear them apart page by page to dispose of them.

- 16th June 2011

I've attached a photo of my Burn Right incinerator in use. The device has been a Godsend for us after the local city dump stopped accepting household trash and the only trash collection company stopped accepting new customers in our rural area. Due to an extended drought in this area, we have had an almost continuous outdoor burn ban for most of this winter, eliminating the possibility of open burning of trash. A check, however, with my County Commissioner and precinct constable showed that the Burn Right incinerator is legal for use, despite the burn ban.

The device burns hot and efficiently with little smoke, while leaving very little residue. A typical burn takes only about 15 minutes and is easier than rolling a large trash bin more than 100 yards to the road for weekly pickups. The city dump does accept burn residue but the volume of the residue is so small I only accumulate enough to fill less than one small trash bin per month. I had been taking an average of ten bags of trash to the dump every two weeks while paying a fee of about $2.00 per bag. As a result, I expect the device to pay for itself in less than a year.

Thanks for a great product!

- 20th December 2011

Hello, I am Jimmye, my husband Richard and I purchased one of your burn barrels and have been delighted that it lived up to everything your ad promised. We would like to include your product as a link to our web-site ( currently being built). Please send me info about your affliliate program.

- 27th October 2011

I simply must pass along my total satisfaction with your 42" incinerator. It works incredibly effectively and safely, especially for damp leaves and pine straw. We have a water front home on Lake Gaston NC in a very wooded, heavily tree covered lot. The dead fall and post-storm blow down of limbs require frequent use of a burn pile when weather conditions permit safe an open fire in one big open spot. But the Accumulation of multiple seasons of leaves, twigs, and pine straw forms a mat that does not decompose and creates a snake habitat.

A lawn mower or leaf vac wont lift it to mulch it. This stuff just doesn't burn well either-- that is until I used your incinerator. I can easily move the burnright about my property to reduce the distance I need to haul the debris and have safe fires in many spots. The amounts of ash remaining after a day of burning was incredibly small. It also consumed my old records too voluminous to shred a few pages at a time. I wished I had it when I moved in. What a great product!

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