100% Stainless Steel Camping Grill
List Price: $299.00
Price: $219.00
Pick Size
S - (10" x 22") - INCLUDES COVER & HANDLE
Optional Ash Catcher
Ash Catcher (+$79.00)
No Ash Catcher
100 % Stainless Steel Construction 4 Patented Internal Flanges
Solid Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Type:
430 and 304

Gauge Thickness:
Varies from 16 to 20, depending on part requirements

4 Internal Flanges - Burn Right Products

This allows air to pass freely around the burnable materials thus creating an extremely hot and efficient burn.

Engineered holes within the flanges introduce air at all levels of the incinerator, forcing it to travel along the flanges around the burnable materials. This prevents smoldering and excess smoking found in traditional burn barrels. View air-flow animation.

Long Lasting
Grill Spark Arrestor Cover & Handle - INCLUDED
Burn Right Products Engineered Hole Patern Providing superior burning technology since 2001!

We understand the purchase of an incinerator is an investment and every incinerator is built to stand up to years of burning.
Burn Right Products Domb Shaped Cover

The included Grill Spark Arrestor Cover is dome shaped and fits securely on top of all models.

100% FOOD GRADE stainless steel designed to be used as a grill when turned upside down.

Easy Clean-up and Ash Removal  
Burn Right Products Base Ring

The base ring is the part of the incinerator that keeps it standing upright. It is a permanent fixture attached to the bottom of your incinerator during assembly. The base ring is located on the outside for stability, and because it's on the outside, ashes fall straight down to the ground or on top of the ash catcher.

Once incineration has been achieved and the ashes have cooled, simply tip the incinerator and move away from the ash pile.

Model 2210-SS100
10"Tall x 22" Diameter with a 24" Base Ring
18 lbs
Volume (burning capacity)
3,799 cubic inches
100% Stainless Steel - Does not rust or oxidize

430 and 304

Gauge Thickness varies from 16 to 20, depending on part requirements
Cylindrical design, just like a traditional burn barrel.
A round design is the strongest. Our incinerators do not bend or warp.

The high temperatures reached by our incinerators would easily warp any other shape especially square or flat designs.

We’ve applied this knowledge to the design of our covers as well. Originally we sold flat spark arrestor covers but they warped. Our newly designed domed cover eliminates warping and increases the overall temperature of the burning chamber.
Temperature Rating
Due to our patented design, all incinerators can reach temperatures up to 1800° F.
Air-flow & Ventilation
4 patented internal flanges & angle grates contribute to our state of the art air-flow system which introduces maximum air-flow to all levels of the burning chamber. learn more
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Great Company!

- 19th May 2017

Unfortunately burn laws prohibited my using my incinerator where I live. Finally 8 months after I received the incinerator it was still sitting in the package. I contacted the company and explained my situation. They graciously took it back and refunde...

Absolutely the best!

- 08th March 2017

I purchased a 10" unit almost 10 years ago and it is as rock-solid today as the day I bought it. I use it year round and for every purpose imaginable - and it functions perfectly which speaks volumes as to the quality of workmanship and material. This un...

Burn Right's Burn Barrel burned bright for us.

- 06th October 2016

I was a little hesitant to spend some money on a burn barrel but after using the Burn Bright product, I feel I got my money's worth. It burns faster, safer, looks better and is far more durable than using a regular barrel.

I had trash pickup but they h...

Burns RIGHT!

- 05th October 2016

We recycle everything possible, but we have a few non-recyclables. That's where the fast-burning burn barrel makes our day every couple of weeks. We cleared a space for it so that it fits right in. You make some great products!

Thermal Shredder

- 18th October 2013

Had another really nice fire Saturday night. Had friends over, cool
evening, wine and music, and your thermal shredder. I think they may be ordering one from
you soon.

- 16th June 2011

Attached are two pictures of me thoroughly enjoying my Burn Right 2220-SS100 which I use primarily as an outdoor fire place, and it works great! As you can see it burns nice and bright – which means CLEAN! Now I can relax with my favorite camp chair, a ...

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