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Great Company!

- 19th May 2017

Unfortunately burn laws prohibited my using my incinerator where I live. Finally 8 months after I received the incinerator it was still sitting in the package. I contacted the company and explained my situation. They graciously took it back and refunded my purchase!

Absolutely the best!

- 08th March 2017

I purchased a 10" unit almost 10 years ago and it is as rock-solid today as the day I bought it. I use it year round and for every purpose imaginable - and it functions perfectly which speaks volumes as to the quality of workmanship and material. This unit makes me "USA proud" and I'm Canadian! Seriously, there's nothing on the market that can compete with Burn Right products . . . so get one asap!

Burn Right's Burn Barrel burned bright for us.

- 06th October 2016

I was a little hesitant to spend some money on a burn barrel but after using the Burn Bright product, I feel I got my money's worth. It burns faster, safer, looks better and is far more durable than using a regular barrel.

I had trash pickup but they had so many restrictions on the weight of the bag, how many bags, and if anything protruded a few inches from the bag. Plus, the trash had to be set out by very early AM.

Now I have the choice of how much trash, when i want to dispose of it and there is no monthly bill for pickup.

Burn Right gave us the option to be self suffienct in a safe, efficient way which means a little less dependant on a bossy trash pickup service.

Burns RIGHT!

- 05th October 2016

We recycle everything possible, but we have a few non-recyclables. That's where the fast-burning burn barrel makes our day every couple of weeks. We cleared a space for it so that it fits right in. You make some great products!

Thermal Shredder

- 18th October 2013

Had another really nice fire Saturday night. Had friends over, cool
evening, wine and music, and your thermal shredder. I think they may be ordering one from
you soon.

- 16th June 2011

Attached are two pictures of me thoroughly enjoying my Burn Right 2220-SS100 which I use primarily as an outdoor fire place, and it works great! As you can see it burns nice and bright – which means CLEAN! Now I can relax with my favorite camp chair, a cold drink, a fine cigar and a great camp fire – right at home!

- 03rd October 2009

The mini-incinerator works great for permanently destroying documents. With the constant threat of identity theft, this is absolutely the best way to permanently destroy sensitive and personal documents. And, that the mini-incinerator can be used in the fireplace makes it so convenient to use.

The best process (for me) for burning shredded documents in my S-M-SS100 inside my fireplace is:

Fill two pager grocery bags 3/4 of the way

Fold the bags so they're completely closed

Turn the bags over so the bottom is "facing up"

Place the two paper bags in the back half of the incinerator

Light the bags (and place the incinerator lid back on)

Place the two paper bags in the back half of the incinerator

Light the bags ( and place the incinerator lid back on)

Place the fireplace screen over the front of the fireplace opening

Use the fireplace poker to move the shredded documents around if the bag has trouble burning entirely.

I am so impressed with this wonderful product, and the excellent service i received. I highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to permanently destroy their documents, and as an extra bonus - using the mini-incinerator in their fireplace

- 15th August 2009

I just thought I should add my two cents regarding the Model S-M-SS100 I purchased from you. I really love the thing. Middle of winter I had a party, set up chairs around the unit and got it going. It was well below freezing and I had all the guys kicking back in chairs talking and enjoying themselves not even noticing the cold. The heat this thing throws well exceeds any fire pit I've ever seen. Beyond the obvious things like burning yard debris, or documents the unit is just fun: a better idea than anything out there. And clean up is a breeze? You are too good to me.

- 13th June 2008

The incinerator works great! During tax season we generate a lot of paper that has confidential information on it. This requires us to shred it ourselves, pay an outside company, or purchase a machine for thousands of dollars, all of which are expensive, time consuming, or dirty. With the Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator, I now take this paper home and burn it with my other burnable materials. In a matter of minutes, the paper is turned into a very fine pile of ash that blows away in the wind. With the intensity of the fire and having a covered container, I don't have to worry about partially burned papers blowing away or the fire spreading. I just light it and watch it from the house. I have also found it great for burning yard waste. Its value seems to go up with every use. Highly recommend the product to small business owners looking for a way to dispose of confidential information in a cost effective manner. Also, as burning restrictions become more restrictive in areas, this seems to be a safe and effective way to reduce burnable materials without having to take it to our land fills. Thanks again for a great product that's easy to use and environmentally friendly!

- 13th June 2008

This is a very unique and easy to use product. We fill it with yard waste and/or personal papers that we use to shred and it is all gone in an instant. It's also portable so we can move it around our property for easier use. Our family and friends have been very impressed with it that we've just purchased a second one to give as a gift.

- 13th June 2008

I'm "happy" to let you know your Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator works great. It makes short work out of burning old files, hardly any ash or ashes

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