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- July 06th 2016

I have burned paper trash for as long as I can remember. I have used burnbarrels, fire pits, old refrigerators, chimneys and about anything elseyou can think of. I finally got fed up with ash everywhere, half burnedpaper, and a smudgeey fire that lasted for days. I bought the 42” Burn Rightunit but was still skeptical. Now my fires last only a few minutes and the ash is pretty well contained inside the unit. In addition, the ash is so fine and completely burnt, the ashes from a family of four for a monthsworth of trash barely fill a five pound coffee can. My city slicker relatives are all now buying Burn Right units because they are clean and “green”. Great Unit, and it arrived in only a few days. Plus I got a veterans discount and free shipping. THANKS!

Gene F. Avoca MI, I have used your incinerator about four years and I want to tell you what a remarkable product you have. I am 75 years old and it was my job in our large farm family to burn the papers every morning before school in a 55gal. drum. What a stinky mess that was because I had to watch the fire burn down because the orchard was always catching on fire and the I had to put it out. Now I light it, throw the cover on and go back in the house.I have your incinerator sitting on a limestone drive with about four feet clean area around it and I have never had a problem and it burns so fast that it never smells.

Molly A. Houston TX, Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the product. Took it up to the country, Chris assembled it in around 40 minutes and “let the burning begin!” Burns hot and fast. Really great product!! I am glad we made the purchase. As they say, “It works like a charm!!”

David L, (Director of Support Services)
I am writing to express the extreme satisfaction we had in using the burn right incinerator at our Scout Camp this past summer. The incinerator burned very effectively and efficiently. The product was a great improvement over the oil drum that we had converted into an incinerator and had been using. I highly recommend Burn Right!

Mark W. Reeseville, WI (Engineering Company)
The burn barrel has, without a doubt, cut the time I have spent burning material by a factor of 10. It is vastly more efficient than using 55 gallon drums or garbage cans as burn barrels. I have been using it now for two years and it is well worth the money. What took me (literally) 5 to 6 hours to burn, including adding kerosene to get all the papers burned, I can do in 30 minutes without adding anything. In fact, during a stiff breeze, I had trouble keeping up with it.

Steve H from NW Ontario, Canada (Fly-in Business)

We purchased several burn right barrels for our fly-in outposts.   What a great and safe way to eliminate our guests paper garbage.  Saves a  lot in additional flying out unnecessary paper waste. We also have one at our house and use it just about every day for our office papers and packaging waste. We have been very pleased with the barrels and will  tell our friends and relatives about your product.

Robert S. Fairbanks, AK (Fairbanks Forestry Department)
Fairbanks Forestry tested the Burn Right Products Mini-Incinerator and it performed like they claimed. We burned six telephone books and many out-dated burn permit books on top of some paper waste and the books were 95% plus consumed. The incinerator also worked well with other heavier materials like wood. With a bottom attached and the lid on, the mini-incinerator meets the burn barrel requirements for the Alaska Division of Forestry. I would recommend this product to anyone who regularly disposes paper waste.

Bob D. (Cape Canaveral Port Authority)
The mini-incinerator works great, it makes short work of getting rid of our old files. What use to take two or more days to burn in our old burn barrel now only takes a half a day and is completely burned. I'm truly satisfied with your product.

Corky S. Ontario, Canada (Fly In Business)
My wife and I have a house in the bush in Northern Wisconsin and a fly-in fishing business in Northern Ontario. We have burning barrels at both locations and she is always worried about starting a fire. We purchased 2 Hi-temp Mini-Incinerators and I used one of them this past weekend. Amazing how your design allows the material to burn at such a terrific high temperature and it's gone in minutes. Can't wait to show it to my friends in Ontario.

Edward B from, Palmerton PA
Received my extra large 2242 burn barrel yesterday put together today easily and burned for 3 hours with no problems. We live in a heavily wooded area in Pennsylvania and have been clearing our acre for some years and needed to deal with the piles of debris collecting at the back of our yard. This product is excellent and exceeded all expectations. It is the safest and neighbor friendly way to burn.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

Tom N from, Saunderstown RI
Purchased Model 2235 Burn barrel. I will say I'm impressed, not only with the fast burn, but also the efficiency of the burner. Fast start, hot burn (low smoke), low ash...what more could anyone want? Definitely lives up to your description. Thanks.

Gary H from, South FL
I bought a small burner (Model 2220-SS100) from you on 2/21/11. Your burner works just like you said it would and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thank you.

Keith B, We bought this incinerator about 10 years ago and have used it to burn trash, yard waste, and cardboard over and over again. It still works great. I've saved a lot of money and hassle by not buying used oil barrels and having to haul them, dispose the old one and cut the top out of the new one.
This is one of the best purchases I have ever made.

George B, We have had our incinerator for about fifteen years and it is still doing a great job. My wife really likes how easy it is to remove the ashes. I needed to replace the angle bars and it was easy to get the part.

John K, First off, after the year or so we had your product, we really value our big burn barrel. It consumes almost everything and leaves a small amount of ash residue. We also use it to burn sensitive documents instead of shredding. Much better than an open fire, burn pit, or 55 gal drum with holes. We've burned in high winds (not recommended ) and never had a problem.

But we did have a fire get out of control in our rural NC home in a subdivision. We were raking leaves & pine straw, blow down limbs, and dropped branches off our 3/4 acre wooded lot and burning them in our burn right products barrel. I left on an errand and my wife continued the fall clean up burning by adding to the fire. She went to the front lawn with the lawn mower to suck up more leaves off the grass. When she returned with the bag if leaves she found that a spark or ember (probably when the lid was removed to add more yard debris) floated off and had started the leaves on fire which spread toward the house-- an area more than she felt comfortable by spraying with the garden hose. She called 911. The local VFD responded, as did the sheriff and a NC dept of natural resources ranger. They saw the covered burn rite barrel, a bare dirt perimeter raked 10' from the barrel, and the hose. No problem, no citation, no fine. They deemed it was a responsible burn. The VFD foamed the burning area, but left the fire burning in the barrel. After all , the covered burning barrel wasn't a problem. It was just a freak accident started because we kept lifting the lid and adding to the fire rather than burning in batches until gone. Thank you for for such a fine product, which saved us from a cash fine.

Jim S,
Had another really nice fire Saturday night. Had friends over, cool evening, wine and music, and your thermal shredder. I think they may be ordering one from you soon.

Maryna M,
We recently purchased the x-large Burn Right barrel. And we just want to thank you for providing a great product. We love it. Also thanks for shipping to Canada

Chuck M,
A number of years ago my wife and I, after the last of our six children were married or had moved out, moved from a development to a country home with a lot of acreage. We needed a burner to get rid of all the many things you can burn which are not acceptable to go to the recycle station. Being an engineer by career I decided to make my own. I bought some chicken wire mesh... click to read more.

Brad H,
WOW! This product exceeds all my expectations. I was rather skeptical when I first purchased the product. I really didn't believe the barrel would burn as clean as it does. Simply Amazing!!!!! Excellent Product, Excellent Customer Service Thank YOU!!!!!!

Frankie W,
This is a great incinerator. I don't know what I would do without it.

Susan S,
In 2011 we retired to the Missouri Ozarks. I wanted to recycle as much as possible and burn what the center did not want. The burn barrel was the answer to my doing just that. It is safe, clean, efficient and easy to use. My husband works out of town so it is my job and I actually enjoy it. Thanks so much for a great product.

Jay J,
We could not be happier. We have tried other burners and this is the best by far. We would recommend it to every one.

Michael R
, The 55 gal. equivalent incinerator works great. A full barrel burns down to almost nothing, and does so in about 10 minutes. I clean out the ash catcher twice a year, and I can burn in higher wind than I would have done with my old burn barrel, also I had to tend the old burn barrel, and turn the ashes to get a semi-thorough burn. The Burn Right requires no tending. It burns everything right down to fine ash. I am very satisfied, and tell all my friends.

Deb F,
This is one of the best conveniences that I have purchased. It is used daily and my neighbor shares in its use with me.

Keith B, The BEST! This little grill does it all and is the perfect size for any residential home within a city. If I lived in a rural area, I'd definitely purchase a larger one as well. The fact that you can easily transport the grill in its fully assembled state to a weekend campsite is an added bonus. Mine sits outside all year and neither sun, rain, snow, or -40C weather has had any detrimental effect on the unit. It still looks and works perfectly. The unit is made such that there's never any lack of oxygen feeding the flame and the coals remain red hot until nothing but ash is left - which ends up in my compost pile. Even though I'm in a heavily treed area, the lid serves as an effective spark arrester (or grilling lid). Without a doubt, it's the perfect “green machine.” I've burned a lot of waste that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill site!! Whaddaya waiting for? Order one now!

Jon H, I replaced my old 55 gallon barrel with a 2242-SS100 and I'm never looking back! I've used it weekly for over a year to burn my trash (I live in the country) and it still amazes me how well it works.

You probably think Burn Right's videos are too good to be true. I was skeptical too, thinking that maybe it was just filled with paper instead of wet household refuse. But now that I have one I can confirm it's all true. This product incinerates whatever I throw at it, except metal and glass of course.

Here's what I love about it:

  • It lights so easily. Fill it up with trash bags and just have a little paper right on top. One match at the top starts it off, and in minutes the entire barrel from top to bottom is one huge flame. I NEVER have to use diesel to get it started, which I often did for my old barrel.
  • It's safe. The spark arrestor cover keeps the fire inside, even during gusts of wind. During this year's drought it was nice to not have to worry that i'd be starting a wild fire. (You should still be safe and not burn if the wind is higher than 10mph).
  • It's fun. I actually enjoy this chore now. There's something so impressive about a massive barrel of flame that it makes me feel like a kid every time I use it. I'm always showing it off to friends who are equally impressed.
  • It's efficient. It burns so much hotter than my old drum, and leaves very little ash behind to discard. I just had my 200-person wedding on my property, and I was left with dozens of large bags of trash. I was able to burn all of it in one afternoon, and all that remained was about 1/3rd of a barrel of ash.
  • It's better for the environment. Since it burns so hot, it breaks things down more and burns cleaner. Most of the time it's outputting heat and white/light smoke. I rarely see black/dark smoke except at the very end when the fire's dying out. I don't feel like I'm committing an environmental crime anymore when I burn my trash. I'm much less worried about toxic by-products getting into my ground and water supply.
  • It's easy to empty. Just lift the barrel off the ash catcher and sweep the pile into a trash bag.
  • It's secure. I don't need to use my document shredder anymore. Anything I put into my barrel isn't going to be of any use to anyone when it comes out.
  • It's durable. It's stainless steel, so i won't have to replace it like 55 gallon drums.
  • It doesn't fill up with water, so you never have to deal with a soggy mess if you don't empty it each time.
  • It's entertaining. I've posted quite a few pictures & videos of my barrel in action on Facebook!

Get one. You won't be disappointed.

Rod T,
I am still amazed at how well the incinerator works.
I live in a very small town, rural area, and we usually have some type of drought most years. So open burning is not allowed. Since most of my yard clean up is pine tree refuse, cones and needles and a constant supply of self pruned old limbs etc., I needed a way to get rid of the debris and hauling to the dump was really not working out. It was burn it or haul to another town’s dump.

I fill my incinerator with pine cones, about once a week during the summer months and then pour an ounce of gas on top, and light it and in a matter of minutes, they are gone.
I am always amazed at how the incinerator really does keep the embers and ashes from flying through the air. So the burn-bans no longer stop me from keeping my yard clear of all the tree debris that seems to cover the yard all summer.

Dan K
, I live in a rural area that allows open burning. Due to concerns about fire, I have always used 55-gallon drums with holes punched-in to contain the fire. For many years, I could source these at no cost from local oil jobbers.
A 55 gallon drum would last about 18 months before I had to replace it. Lately, these drums have become harder to find at any cost. I bought a new 2235-SS100 and it has performed beautifully, and burns much hotter and more completely than my old oil drums ever did. The best part is that after 3 years of use (over 450 burn cycles),I can see no evidence of erosion of the metal.
I am extremely satisfied with its operation. I caught a bit of “flack” regarding the cost when I ordered it, but my detractors have become silent.
Thanks for delivering on your promise.

Arthur M,
Works as advertised - never a problem.

Linda B,
I love my new mini incinerator! It burns very quickly and efficiently with very little smoke. No more smoldering ashes and stirring ashes with a stick to make sure everything has burned. I felt like it was a little pricey but in the long run will save money. No more rusted out burn barrels to try to get rid of and finding another every year or so. Also, I am a 66 year old woman and was able to pretty much put it together by myself. A friend helped me get started and I went on with it. I highly recommend Burn Right Products mini incinerators.

Richard H, The Burn Right Barrel is without a doubt the best investment I have made to maintain our landscape. Our home is on a four acre wooded plot, so I am constantly disposing of dead trees, fallen tree limbs, leaves, pine cones, etc. Controlled burning is of extreme importance to me, so I spent considerable time investigating products. Based on reviews I chose the large Burn Right barrel. Performance has exceeded my expectations. The barrel is easy to load, easy to light, and the material burns with little to no smoke. Replace the lid and the burn is completely controlled. I am so pleased I wish I had purchased two.

Judy S,
Was skeptical at first but absolutely blown away when I used the incinerator. Burned everything to ashes and was very safe to use. Very few ashes or cinders make it out of the incinerator no matter if the wind is blowing. Very impressed. Easy to clean out too. No need for starter fluids or poking it to keep it burning. Could not be happier with product.

George M,
Fantastic product, I have to deal with tree debris on a constant basis and from time to time have significant amounts of cardboard to dispose of. This gets the job done leaving minimal ash, and with no problems from flying embers. It has also come in handy as a outdoor heater/fireplace while doing outdoor chores in cold weather.

Luke H,
Incredibly well designed & effective. Performs better than expected. I would recommend these products to any one interested in efficient disposal Looks great! Works great!

Brian J,
I absolutely love my incinerator. I burn everything from old building supplies to old taxes and other documents and paper garbage.
If you also get the ash catcher, you can use stakes to stake out to the ground and even the heaviest winds we had didn't move it except blowing some of the old Ashes out for less cleaning time.

Two of my friends also bought the same model and also love it.
I burn a lot of stuff and only had to empty the Ashes once so far a year later...
Its very easy to start. Just light the top, put the cover on and it burns everything fully with 5 ft flames burning wood and trash.


Bill S,
I am very happy. It performs as advertised. The burn is efficient and clean, just grey ash left. I will not use Facebook, if that excludes me from the contest, oh well.

Wade H,
I highly recommend Burn-Right-Products! I use our incinerator all the time. It safely burns everything I can throw at it. Wood, grass, leaves, weeds, branches and paper. I questioned the price with I ordered it, but the amount of work this thing has accomplished in the past year is worth ever drop of what I paid for it.

Richard G,
Wonderful product. I burn all financial & confidential papers and it burns them to dust. I also use it to burn leaves & branches & any other scrap I can find. Does an incredible job. I could use another one.

Robert Z,
The incinerator has performed better than I had hoped. If something is flammable at all, the incinerator will completely burn it up. I would highly recommend it to anyone that has a need to burn yard or household refuse. You won't be disappointed.

Dante P,
I usually do not write surveys on everything I purchase, however this product has proved to be everything it said and I am so glad I bought it. Thanks for providing an excellent service.

John M,
This is absolutely the best burn barrel ever. I never have to worry about ash disposal because it causes every thing to burn so completely. I also like the fact that I don't have as many glowing ashes floating in the air. IF this should ever wear out (more likely to be stolen!) I would certainly buy another.

Fred D,
Unit is of utmost quality. Assembly instructions were well written and easy to follow. Assembly took less than 1 hour start to finish. Unit burns super fast because of the ventilation which you can get in no other product out there.

Bonita M,
My whole family loves this incinerator. It is fantastic how quickly, efficiently, and safely our paper trash is consumed. I wanted one for years and finally just bought it and have been happy that I did. My husband was so impressed he bought our son-in-law his own for this past Christmas. He is now a believer in Burn Right. Thanks folks for having a product that “burns just exactly right”!

Deb K,
We have used our Burn Right Incinerator almost weekly ever since we got it in May 2010. It is by far the best burn barrel we have ever had. Everything we put in it burns fast, hot and with little ash. This barrel functions today as well as the day we put it together. It has a well thought out design and is made to last. It is by far one of the best purchases we have ever made. We highly recommend it!!

Ralph M,
This is the best product I have found for burning in. I tried other enclosed (burn pots) Most didn't make 6 months. After a year and a half my incinerator is discolored from the heat. Other than being discolored it looks the same as the day I put it together. It hasn't warped one bit. If something should happen to this one (i.e. a tree fall on it) I would definitely replace it with the same model.

Ron W,
We were tired with the high price of renting a bin to dispose of our garbage so I Googled and found Burn Right Products. Once our contract ended I purchased a 2235 model and easily assembled it. I love watching it burn! Before we rented a disposal bin we used 45 gallon barrels. I hated them because it seemed we wouldn't empty them till they were so full/heavy and it was a dirty job. I will admit that we are careful to separate and only burn papers and combustible material in our Burn Right. It burns so well I don't have to empty the ashes very often. The flames shoot out but the sparks haven't been a problem. I've only had it a year so will have to see how long it lasts but no water sits in it so I'm hoping it will last a long time.

Karl L, I use mine every day, to dispose of yard waste and paper trash. I like that once it reaches temp, it smokes a lot less than a burn barrel and it also burns up a lot more of the items in it than a burn barrel which tends to cool down as the ash builds. I don't like the $602 I had to pay for it. It is four pieces of sheet metal and some formers and lots of screws. I understand marketing and economics of supply and demand, but I don't like the price. I would buy another one if a bigger one was made, but the price would have to be lower. My only other real issue was the screws and the holes. I had a hell of a time getting the screws started in the holes. Other than minor things, I like my unit-the largest one you sell and would buy another someday.

Paul L,
This is the most amazing incinerator! I don't remember what I paid for it but whatever it was it was worth every penny. We use this at our remote island home off the coast of Maine where there is no dump. All garbage has to be hauled off island and every homeowner has to burn all of their burnables. Prior to purchasing this product we had a rusty 50 gallon barrel. I was always worried that a large ember would escape and start a fire ... even though I only burn when it is raining or has just rained and there's no wind to speak of. I no longer worry about that because this incinerator burns everything and the embers that do escape are small. Cleanup is a snap because the ash pan catches everything. Very well designed product that should last a lifetime.

John D,
The incinerator does a great job allowing the material to burn completely. There is so little ash after a burn, it is hard to remember the last time that I emptied/moved it. The other nice feature is that rain and snow don't affect any part of how it works, because water can't collect in it. Very well designed.

Eric A,
All I can say is WOW. You better have everything ready to burn it goes through material fast. I got rid of 10 years of growth around the house and it burned it all in one weekend. All my friends have used it to burn all there old papers. It’s safer than shredding and putting in the trash.

Terry P,
Amazing. To compare this to a 55 gal drum to burn in, is comparing apples to oranges, you can't do it. I had some cardboard from boxes and I thought what the heck I'll try it. The Burn Right got to burn like a little jet engine. I saw no live ember hit the ground, and when it was over very little ash. I would recommend one without hesitation.

Brian J,
I love my burn right incinerator. It burns just about everything with very little ash. I had mine for over a year and only had to empty it once. I've burnt leaves, old doors and trim and two households full of old private documents.. You just have to light the top papers or cardboard, put the cover on and watch it go.. I would never buy anything else again to burn my trash and other important and junk mail papers, wood our anything else that'll burn.
I love this product... Thanks again guys, definitely a great product.
The only downfall was putting out together. A few of the self tapping screws stripped put but they sent enough extra to finish the job. Took about an hour to put together.

Mel L,
It isn't often that anyone can buy a product online and it actually works as promoted. Being a business owner, I burn outdated records kept in files for the required years and volumes kept in bankers boxes are full & tight. This incinerator really does burn down to nothing but ashes (try to burn a large phone book and you'll know what I mean). All my friends are amazed as I am. Helluva product.....

Michael O, Owned this incinerator for nearly a year now and we are always amazed as to the ease of use and how clean the burn is. We live in a rural mountain area and have tons of dead fall, pine needle and duff to burn all the time. The incinerator is truly an essential and efficient method of burning.

Gary P,
Best and safest investment to the environment. Fire is contained for safe free burning. Cost is worth the price for the family. Only the lid burned to pieces. I put a metal lid on for the last two years. Time for a new incinerator. Thanks for the time to listen to my story. Gary

Julia L,
We have a wooded area behind our house with a large number of trees that have fallen down as well as thick brush. We have used the Extra Large incinerator for 2 years now and have cleared a lot of the debris without any issues. This is the best product we have found on the market and would highly recommend it to anyone!

Joe M, Purchased the 4' tall model and the bottom, stainless plate. Have a restriction against “open burning” and I feel super confident with this unit. The completely enclosed burner, in a well-cleared location, eliminates my concern for wayward embers. Use it primarily for disposing of combustible household trash, since our county managers removed our dumpster 3 years ago. Cannot afford to drive the 50-mile round trip just to dump our trash. Easy to assemble. Sturdy, stainless steel construction. Well thought-out, clever design.

A joy to put together. Fun to watch as the fire burns so fast and hot. Very little ash left; less to clean. MADE IN THE U.S.A. AND MADE TO WORK RIGHT.

Terri E,
We recently moved, and were downsizing...I wanted to get rid of years of paperwork that could have potentially been dangerous in the wrong hands. In these times of Identity Fraud, I wanted to make sure that our personal information on all of this old paperwork was safely disposed of! We set up our burn barrel and went to work with boxes after boxes of old documents! The lid held all of the ashes inside of the barrel so that we did not have to worry about a stray ash starting a fire in the dry grass around our barrel. We LOVE it!! It was so much easier than shredding everything!! I would recommend Burn Right Products to anyone and everyone!!

Tom W,
I live in Northern Virginia where we have a lot of wind and I'm constantly chipping or burning leaves and fallen limbs. I also burn shredded documents. The 2242-SS100 burns completely with few, if any, embers escaping. The heavy stainless steel construction reflects the heat back into the combustion chamber resulting in complete combustion. There is nothing left but fine ash which I use on my garden. This is a great product and well worth the money. No more stinking 55-gal drums for me!

Thomas K,
It burns everything fast. I burn cardboard and old tax and other papers. Some wood and other non toxic debris. The stainless steel is holding up well. There is some soot but nothing bad. I like it very much and would recommend it to others.

Cecil F,
This burn barrel is the best barrel I have ever used. It works as advertised. My neighbors enjoy not being smoked out when I burn. Burn time is a fraction of the time it used to be and it does a much better job. I have told all my friends and family about this barrel and highly recommend it to anyone that wants to burn things safe and completely.

Jon K, This incinerator rocks! Always burns fast, clean, and safe every time. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Kevin D,
It isn't often I review a product but your incinerator is of the quality that is worth telling people about. Having used a burn barrel in the past, I found even burning papers difficult at times. Ever try burning an old phone book in a burn barrel? It smolders and smokes for days. The incinerator turns it to ash and does so quickly. In fact, it turns everything I've thrown in it to ash; yard waste, old rugs, papers, it even turned an old 4x4 post and the broken plastic birdhouse attached to it into ash, all with little smoke and no smoldering. Does the incinerator cost a bit more... sure does... but it does exactly what it says it will do. No marketing gimmicks here... just a very high quality product! Highly recommended!

William R,
I bought it to clean up a lot of leaves since we don't have leave pick-up. The first time I used it, I smoked out the neighborhood, LOL. I found I needed to burn more wood and do the leaves a little slower to keep the smoke down. I like it and just as in the picture that flame goes pretty high so watch your overhead clearance with trees. The handle also can get very hot quickly being all metal. I think it needs to be redesigned into something like a grilling fork. I would recommend it to anyone. It was easy to put together and came very fast UPS.

Howard M,
We have lived on this farm 52 years & have used almost every other outdoor incinerator especially 55 gal. drums, trash cans with holes, etc. Our Burn Right has outlasted all other incinerators by far!
The minor inconvenience is the tedious assembling of it with so many screws! Also, it has begun to “disintegrate” slowly with some pieces simply “dissolving” due to rust & heat. Nevertheless it remains structurally sound & continues to incinerate whatever burnable stuff we can load into it. When we move to another farm we will likely replace it with another big Burn Right.
Thank you for such a great incinerator!

John M, The burner does not have sturdy cross bars. It looks rusted shortly after the 2nd use. For the cost I thought it would be heavier gauge metal.

James D,
We use the incinerator at least once a week for destroying documents and yard clutter. We live in a subdivision and have not any complaints due to the fast burning, less smoke and the safety of the product. We can attest to the quality of the barrel as it has survived our 16 year old grandson running smack into it with his snowmobile. He was showing off his skill as a driver and was not hurt and the incinerator only require mini re-assembly. It was unbelievable and we are still cool grandparents as we didn't have to the the parent. Thank you Burn Right Products.

Charles B,
Burn Right products seemed pricey, but the 2220 I purchased is solid and efficient. If it lasts as long as I hope, the cost will be reasonable. I burned four very large boxes of un-shredded records in an afternoon and had only a couple 2 1/2 gallon buckets of fine ash to carry off. In normal use to burn household trash there is almost no residue. Assembly was straight forward. I did add nuts on all the assembly screws. I wish stainless nuts had been included for this in the hardware. I couldn't locate stainless, so had to use plated, which will rust. Now that it's here (on a base of patio stones) and paid for, I wouldn't trade or sell it. My wife loves it!

Km H,
Purchased the medium burn barrel to help with the disposal of personal documents. We have also reduced the amount of trash that we set out each week. Trash pick-up can be costly in a rural area. We were able to use it last summer even though our area was under a burn ban. We just had to place it on the gravel drive to be safe.

James D, I have only owned this outdoor fireplace for a short time, but I am already noticing a difference in the reduction of waste I put out on the street for pickup. I am amazed at how efficient the device works. I use it mainly for reducing my yard waste and paper products used in my home. I would highly recommend this to anyone wishing to reduce their footprint with waste in the trash dump. It is very easy to clean, load and burn.

I will definitely look into the new product you have out on how to make your own charcoal. The product I have purchased is well worth the price. I will definitely purchase your products again when it comes time to replace the unit I have now. In addition I was pleased with the short time it took to receive the product. On a scale from 1-10 your company is a 10. Thank you for making a quality product that we can count on.

Mary Ann P,
I bought the incinerator so that I could burn the leaves as I rake instead of waiting for my husband to burn them in the fire pit. I love it. The leaves burn fast and hot with all of the open air vents. I feel that it is a lot safer to use than the fire pit. I am also able to use it on my own without waiting around for my husband to find time. I have recommended it to all of our friends.

Sandra H,
I love my incinerator and use it every few weeks to burn papers lying around the house and a small amount of brush. I was devastated when a friend backed over mine and knocked it across the yard. Luckily I was able to straighten it back out and all is good. Love this product.

Gary R,
It was easy to assemble and works great! Everything burns very quickly and safely.

Bryan S, Just got my medium burn barrel a couple of weeks ago and love it. I've used it to burn paper, cardboard, etc. and it does an amazing job. It burns fast, with no embers leaving the barrel, which is important because of the drought conditions we're in. Every bit burns down to a fine ash; no pieces or anything left. Wish I knew about this sooner! Beats a regular barrel hands down.

Douglas L, I love this thing. I bought the medium sized incinerator and it works like a charm. I use it mostly for junk mail and credit card receipts because I am worried about someone steeling my identity. It takes no time at all to burn whatever you need to burn. It works great!! I wish I had bought a larger size!!

Ted G,
I have 2 very large oak trees in my back yard that shed leaves throughout the year. My burn barrel takes care of these in a hurry. I can fill it 10 times before I have to empty the ash. It's incredibly efficient.

Patty F from, Bluffton SC
The unit is "da bomb" and I am tearing through my 4.49 acres of branches, palm fronds, weeding, trimming, etc. Thanks again for the great product, service and support. We wish you great luck and a growing business.

Tim S from, Hi Point NC
The incinerator survived being picked up and thrown about 60 feet during a tornado here in North Carolina last November. The only part that I couldn't find after the event was one of the cross-bars (I hadn't bent the end, after I assembled the unit ...). Apart from that, the incinerator has been incredible! So far it's been saving me about $70.00 a month.

Bob P from, Erin WI
Compared to the outdoor burning I was accustomed to doing, my 42" Burn Right Hi. Temp Mini Incinerator is light years ahead in safety, efficiency, portability and ease of use. I use mine mostly for destroying personal records (heard of identity theft?) and yard waste.

With nearly 14 acres of trees and shrubs, some of which are invasive species, burning is the only real solution, and I can light a fire with confidence that I won't be watching burning embers floating in to my trees. The spark arrestor cover does the job.

Good job, Burn Right!

Jimmey M from, Rembert SC
Hello, I am Jimmey. My husband Richard and I purchased one of your burn barrels and have been delighted that it lived up to everything your ad promised. We would like to include your product as a link to our web-site ( currently being built). Please send me info about your affiliate program.

John K from, Littleton NC
I simply must pass along my total satisfaction with your 42" incinerator. It works incredibly effectively and safely, especially for damp leaves and pine straw. We have a water front home on Lake Gaston NC in a very wooded, heavily tree covered lot. The dead fall and post-storm blow down of limbs require frequent use of a burn pile when weather conditions permit safe an open fire in one big open spot. But the Accumulation of multiple seasons of leaves, twigs, and pine straw forms a mat that does not decompose and creates a snake habitat.

A lawn mower or leaf vac wont lift it to mulch it. This stuff just doesn't burn well either-- that is until I used your incinerator. I can easily move the burnright about my property to reduce the distance I need to haul the debris and have safe fires in many spots. The amounts of ash remaining after a day of burning was incredibly small. It also consumed my old records too voluminous to shred a few pages at a time. I wished I had it when I moved in. What a great product!

Joe T from, Linden TX
I purchased my Burn Right Incinerator almost two years ago. We have used it several hundred times. Texas is burning up and we have had burn bans for many months. I invited an enforcement officer from the Texas Forest Service to see my Burn Right Incinerator. He took a look and then did some research. The result was approval to use my Burn Right Incinerator even during burn bans as long as I followed these rules:

  • 1. 20 foot plus perimeter around the appliance.
  • 2. Use the Burn Right Incinerator in calm conditions. If it is windy or even breezy it should not be used.
  • 3. Keep an eye on the Burn Right when it is in use.

This one of the smartest purchases we have made.

Dr. Russell W from, East TX
That 'nip in the air' in your lead sentence is a bit hard to find today. 5:00 PM temperature is 110 degrees, no rain for months, and the entire East Texas area is under a `burn ban' - minimum fine is $500.00.

The two burn barrels I bought are both doing great, although not used recently. Combustion is so complete that I found it necessary to empty the ash build up only about every 3 months. You have a great product. Cheers

Jeff D from, Binghamton, NY (Firefighter/Paramedic)
Attached are two pictures of me thoroughly enjoying my Burn Right 2220-SS100 which I use primarily as an outdoor fire place, and it works great! As you can see it burns nice and bright – which means CLEAN! Now I can relax with my favorite camp chair, a cold drink, a fine cigar and a great camp fire – right at home!

Fred G from, Llano, TX (Home Owner)
I've attached a photo of my Burn Right incinerator in use. The device has been a Godsend for us after the local city dump stopped accepting household trash and the only trash collection company stopped accepting new customers in our rural area. Due to an extended drought in this area, we have had an almost continuous outdoor burn ban for most of this winter, eliminating the possibility of open burning of trash. A check, however, with my County Commissioner and precinct constable showed that the Burn Right incinerator is legal for use, despite the burn ban.

The device burns hot and efficiently with little smoke, while leaving very little residue. A typical burn takes only about 15 minutes and is easier than rolling a large trash bin more than 100 yards to the road for weekly pickups. The city dump does accept burn residue but the volume of the residue is so small I only accumulate enough to fill less than one small trash bin per month. I had been taking an average of ten bags of trash to the dump every two weeks while paying a fee of about $2.00 per bag. As a result, I expect the device to pay for itself in less than a year.

Thanks for a great product!

Marjorie B from, Winchester, IN (Home Owner)
I found this incinerator on the internet when I was looking for a better way to burn trash, I found that it does everything the company claims. I’ve watched as the material burns and, although flames do come out, with minute pieces of ash, there are no flowing embers or big pieces of ash that escape. Household trash and yard farm trash burn fast and safely, with little or no smoke.

Dave K from Spokane, WA (Home Owner)
Having spent 12 years in the solid fuel industry with Blaze King Products, I knew as soon as I saw the design of the 2242-SS100 that this baby would work. WOW! I consider it my #1 purchase for 2010. Not only will it burn virtually any yard waste you can feed it, once the fire is established, it burns almost as fast as you can move the material. It will literally reduce 5 yards of material into 5 gallons of fine ash. I chose the 2242-SS100 because we have 5 acres of mixed vegetation. It definitely burns clean and fast.

Arnold M from Vancouver, BC (Mountain View Cemetery)
Here are the photos of our Chinese Ceremonial Burners with your product inside as the burning furnace. They are working wonderfully and everyone from the Chinese communities that use them at our City Council are impressed with the way they work. Congratulations on a fabulous product, and thank you for working with me to make this project successful. view photos

Alan F from Anacortes, WA (Home Owner)
A friend, in the San Juan Islands, ordered one of your burn barrels and I tried it out.  My major problem is burning up innumerable magazines and catalogs that do poorly in 55 gallon drums.  I was impressed with how well your burn barrel handled these materials without my having to tear them apart page by page to dispose of them.

Dennis W from Township, MI (Home Owner)
I received, about a week ago, my Burn Right unit. I bought the extra high unit. You know in all the years I have been in business, every time you buy something there is always short comings; yours does not! It absolutely performs as you advertise. I am so tickled. It burns like a blow torch. It sucks up everything. Thank you very much.

Jim S from Franklin, MA (Home Owner)
I just thought I should add my two cents regarding the Model 2220-SS100 I purchased from you. I really love the thing. Middle of winter I had a party, set up chairs around the unit and got it going.  It was well below freezing and I had all the guys kicking back in chairs talking and enjoying themselves not even noticing the cold. The heat this thing throws well exceeds any fire pit I've ever seen. Beyond the obvious things like burning yard debris, or documents the unit is just fun: a better idea than anything out there. And clean up is a breeze? You are too good to me.

Walt K from Chassell, MI (Camp-Site)
We bought our first Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator model 2242-SS100 at the DU Great Outdoor Festival back in August of 2002 and have used it several times a week ever since and it has held up very well all these years. Clean, efficient and a real time saver when it comes to disposing of burnable waste. Considering that my incinerator has been used at least 3 times every week since we got it the unit lasted pretty good. I would think that the old girl will last several more years at the camp with the replacement of a few screws.

Donna I, Seattle, WA (Home Owner)
The mini-incinerator works great for permanently destroying documents. With the constant threat of identity theft, this is absolutely the best way to permanently destroy sensitive and personal documents. And, that the mini-incinerator can be used in the fireplace makes it so convenient to use.

The best process (for me) for burning shredded documents in my 2210-SS100 inside my fireplace is:

  1. Fill two pager grocery bags 3/4 of the way
  2. Fold the bags so they're completely closed
  3. Turn the bags over so the bottom is "facing up"
  4. Place the two paper bags in the back half of the incinerator
  5. Light the bags (and place the incinerator lid back on)
  6. Place the two paper bags in the back half of the incinerator
  7. Light the bags ( and place the incinerator lid back on)
  8. Place the fireplace screen over the front of the fireplace opening
  9. Use the fireplace poker to move the shredded documents around if the bag has trouble burning entirely.

I am so impressed with this wonderful product, and the excellent service i received. I highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to permanently destroy their documents, and as an extra bonus - using the mini-incinerator in their fireplace.

Mary Jane B, (Home Owner)
After over half a century of burning trash on the ground or in a burning barrel, always, slow and tedious, I am delighted to be able to burn as quickly and completely in my BRP incinerator. In three years it has required cleaning barely once a season, which is accomplished with little effort. Truly Amazing !! It's surely one of my wiser investments.

Ryan W. Fairbanks, AK (Home Owner)
Great product. I am extremely happy with the performance of this product. I am always worried about starting a forest fire. With the cover that risk is greatly minimized. Best of all is how quickly and hot this unit burns. No more smoldering fire like with my old 55 gallon drum. This is a must for any yard worker.

Cliff P. (Home Owner)
I assembled and used the fireplace today and it works great. Absolutely loved it! My girls had a sledding party and then they got warm by the fire as they roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.

Carol R. Hubertus, WI (Home Owner)
I have been using my Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator a lot these past few weeks with leaves and I am totally amazed at how great it works.  In no time all of the leaves are completely gone.  I had a lot of pine cones and needles in my trash and all was completely gone.  I feel that the unit is very safe and had a great opportunity to give it a real work out.

Steve H. (Big Hook Wilderness Camps) Ontario, Canada (Fly In Fishing Company)
The 5 Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerators 2242-SS100 works great. The fisherman really used them. They saved us a lot of flying and paid for themselves in a month.

Brad H. Green Bay, WI (Accounting Firm)
The incinerator works great! During tax season we generate a lot of paper that has confidential information on it. This requires us to shred it ourselves, pay an outside company, or purchase a machine for thousands of dollars, all of which are expensive, time consuming, or dirty. With the Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator, I now take this paper home and burn it with my other burnable materials. In a matter of minutes, the paper is turned into a very fine pile of ash that blows away in the wind. With the intensity of the fire and having a covered container, I don't have to worry about partially burned papers blowing away or the fire spreading.

I just light it and watch it from the house. I have also found it great for burning yard waste. Its value seems to go up with every use. Highly recommend the product to small business owners looking for a way to dispose of confidential information in a cost effective manner. Also, as burning restrictions become more restrictive in areas, this seems to be a safe and effective way to reduce burnable materials without having to take it to our land fills. Thanks again for a great product that's easy to use and environmentally friendly!

Marilyn B. Canada (Organization)
I was so impressed watching the Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator in action at the annual Kenora District Camp Owners Associations' (KDCA) meeting. It easily incinerated all of our burnable materials from the party very quickly in a safe, clean efficient manner. Sure looks like a winner to me!

Geo B. Richfield, WI. (Mini Farmer)
We have been burning combustible materials in the town of Richfield since 1954 and have burned in everything you can think of, from a stone lined pit to a 55 gallon drum; even a woven wire enclosure and one built of cement blocks. Not until we started using a Mini-Incinerator a few years ago, have we had the mess and frustration of burning combustible materials put behind us. With the Mini-Incinerator, engineered the way it is, the combustion is much more complete; it can be charged easily (the large volume of it) and it can be emptied readily (not much left because it burns so efficiently), and they last (don't burn out like wire enclosures or the old 55 gallon drums). Our children live close by and they too enjoy the fruits of good engineering when it come to burning combustible materials. Wouldn't be without one!

Margaret W. Hartland, WI (Home Owner)
This is a very unique and easy to use product. We fill it with yard waste and/or personal papers that we use to shred and it is all gone in an instant. It's also portable so we can move it around our property for easier use. Our family and friends have been very impressed with it that we've just purchased a second one to give as a gift.

Germantown Fire Dept. WI.

At the fire department we are always looking for new training tools. We have tested the Mini-Incinerator and found it perfect for needs that we have for realistic training. Thought the tests we have done at the fire department and the temperatures we have burned at, I am sure this product would work exceptionally for clearing yard waste and other combustible materials.

Arnold K. Brookfield, WI (Home Owner)
I reside on a two acre lot in Brookfield, WI. The location is heavily wooded and would obviously create a lot of yard waste. With a great deal of skepticism I acquired one of your Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerators approximately 6 months ago. I was astonished at the efficient manner in which the waste was incinerated. You have convinced a skeptic. I noticed very little smoke generated, possibly the result of the extreme heat. I believe it is as efficient and safe as your advertisement suggests. At the present time the city of Brookfield is reviewing the practice of burning. I believe the use of this equipment would ease the complaint made by some residents of the community. I can assure them that in my case alone it would certainly reduce the amount of yard waste being transported to expensive Land-Fills.

Christin M. Eagle River, WI (Home Owner)
Living in Wisconsin's "north woods" I was very hesitant to have a burning barrel in my backyard for fear of spreading fire to the surrounding habitat. After seeing this product at a sport show I purchased one for my myself. I am truly satisfied at how well this unit contains the fire and at how completely the items burn. It really is an incinerator. Great product.

Chuck W. Phelps, WI ( Lake Home Owner)
It works like a charm. Burns everything that's burnable in less then 10 minutes. Basically it is the best device for burning paper and other burnable items that I have ever seen or used. It leaves very little ash because it burns so hot and so thoroughly. After 2 months I still haven't removed the ashes and they are not even up to the bottom of the cross bars. I have included some pictures of a dear who even thought the Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator was great, Enjoy!

George C. Richfield, WI (Sign Company)
I'm "happy" to let you know your Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator works great. It makes short work out of burning old files, hardly any ash or ashes.

Vic A. Birchwood, WI (Lake Home Owner)
We have a cottage in Northern Wisconsin that is used all spring, summer and fall. We have used a burning pit and an iron barrel to dispose of our burnable items. Neither were satisfactory. The pit kept filling and flying, and the barrel rusted and deteriorated, and it was all a mess to clean up. During the spring of 2002, we put up a Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator and our problems were solved. The intensity of the heat burns thoroughly, the stainless steel does not rust. The flaming particles do not fly everywhere and it is simple to clean. We would (and have) recommended it to everyone.

Chris S. Andover, MA (Wine Grape Business)
Living in New England, we receive some very harsh winter storms making for an enormous amount of brush to pick up and lug away in the Spring. After easily assembling my Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator I quickly went to work incinerating the fallen branches and leaves. I have never used or heard of a product that burns better than this. It completely contains the fire and is very easy to empty the ashes. Excellent Craftsmanship, Excellent Product!