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Is garbage removal not readily available in your area? Does your local dump no longer accept household trash? If so, our Hi-Temp Burn Barrel is the answer to your problems.

Our line of Hi-Temp Burn Barrel home incinerators are the perfect solution for burning trash and household waste. While we suggest you only burn dry materials such as: yard waste and non-recyclable paper products, we understand circumstances arise whereby burning trash is the only option.

Before our products came to market, getting rid of garbage meant burning trash in either an open pit or in smoky 55-gallon trash barrels. Those methods are not only a public safety hazard they are also a huge environmental hazard. Open pits and trash burn barrels are constantly starved for oxygen, which results in a smoldering mess. This makes waste incineration impossible and at times even illegal. Because of this, many towns and municipalities have burn bans which prevent trash burning on specific days.

Our products produce such little smoke, a lot of the time they are still legal to use even when a burn ban is in place. Our patented air-flow system ensures a constant current of air so your trash burns hot while containing burning embers. While you still need approval from your local fire department or township, we strongly recommend that you read more about alternatives to burning and to make sure you are burning right. Learn more

Our Hi-Temp Burn Barrels can achieve temperatures over 1800F! By burning waste at such a high temperature, materials burn quickly and with less
clean up.

The patented internal flanges and air-flow system allows for maximum air flow at all levels of the Hi-Temp Burn Barrel chamber. With very little residue and minimal ashes, disposing of trash just got a whole lot easier.

Fortunately, we're not done yet! We are constantly researching how to make our Hi-Temp Burn Barre trash burners operate more efficiently. Check out our Facebook page to see the latest news and product updates.

All models are constructed from 100% Stainless Steel

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See What Our Customer Have To Say

Keith B - Hi Temp Burn Barrel Model 2210-SS100

This little grill does it all and is the perfect size for any residential home within a city... Mine sits outside all year and neither sun, rain, snow, or -40C weather has had any detrimental effect on the unit. It still looks and works perfectly. The unit is made such that there's never any lack of oxygen feeding the flame and the coals remain red hot until nothing but ash is left - which ends up in my compost pile. Even though I'm in a heavily treed area, the lid serves as an effective spark arrester (or grilling lid). Without a doubt, it's the perfect "green machine". I've burned a lot of waste that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill site!! Whaddaya waiting for? Order one now!I am still amazed at how well the incinerator works.

Rod T - Hi Temp Burn Barrel Model 2242-SS100

I live in a very small town, rural area, and we usually have some type of drought most years. So open burning is not allowed. Since most of my yard clean up is pine tree refuse, cones and needles and a constant supply of self pruned old limbs etc. I needed a way to get rid of the debris and hauling to the dump was really not working out.

I am always amazed at how the incinerator really does keep the embers and ashes from flying through the air.
So the burn-bans no longer stop me from keeping my yard clear of all the tree debris that seems to cover the yard all summer.

Kevin D - Hi Temp Burn Barrel Model 2242-SS100

It isn't often I review a product but your incinerator is of the quality that is worth telling people about. Having used a burn barrel in the past, I found even burning papers difficult at times. Ever try burning an old phone book in a burn barrel? It smolders and smokes for days. The incinerator turns it to ash and does so quickly. In fact, it turns everything I've thrown in it to ash; yard waste, papers, it even turned an old 4x4 post into ash, all with little smoke and no smoldering. Does the incinerator cost a bit more... sure does... but it does exactly what it says it will do. No marketing gimmicks here... just a very high quality product! Highly recommended!

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