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Since 2001, Burn Right™ has offered the best outdoor burning technology on the market. Our innovative cylindrical design and burn temperatures of over 1600°F guarantee an efficient burn, resulting in complete incineration and cleaner air. Customer safety underscores everything we do. Our incinerators are patented and designed to effectively contain the flame to help prevent wildfires.

Burn Right™ incinerators are a superior alternative to a Burn Barrel, and are built with 100% stainless steel to prevent warping.

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Customers Love Our Burn Barrels

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Jean C.
17:31 18 Feb 21
We love our large Burn Right burning barrel. It kept the flames enclosed and reduced huge amounts of brush and trimmings to amazingly small amounts of ashes. It is great at... keeping embers from escaping, and we even cooked hot dogs over it from time to time as the flames subsided. We used it on a hillside in a river canyon that had nearby forest fires and grass fires from time to time, although, fortunately none happened on our property. We did not burn during the no-burn seasons, of course. The government entities in charge of burning regulations allowed its use it at other times. Great product. And we enjoy the lovely people to deal with at Burn right. I only wish they still had the smaller version, now that we have downsized from our larger river canyon acreage to a smaller ~ 30 acre farm where there is less to burn and more people who want to cook over the flames.read more
Rosanne B.
18:43 22 Jan 21
We have the Burn Right large bin and have burned hundreds and maybe thousands of barrels of leaves over several years and the bin works great. The leaves burn down quickly and I... feel much safer using this bin vs burning on the ground or in other types of burners.read more
Kevin S.
23:09 19 Jan 21
Mike G.
23:22 04 Dec 20
Retire your 55 gallon drum.I've used my Burn Right Barrel almost daily for 18 years. It incinerates everything. Easy to empty what little ash is left. At this rate the Burn... Right Barrel might out last me.Worth every penny.read more
David J.
15:15 11 Nov 20
I have had this product for 7 years and it has performed unbelievable. I live in a remote section of mountains in Virgina and garbage is a big deal. I get nearly total reduction... in refuse when I use as instructed. I have black bears in the area and they are attracted but the Burn Right Product has survived. The only problem is the bears keep taking the handles, so I keep a spare just in case.read more
Wayne S.
22:35 06 Nov 20
I live in rural central Indiana and have many trees on my property that shed lots of limbs when the wind blows. I have burned a lot of wood and tons of trash in it. My eight year... old burner has changed color, but not its shape. It is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.read more

Need Replacement Parts?

Angle grates, ash catcher, cylinder cover and cover handle can be purchased individually if needed.

The Burn Right™ Difference

Burn Right™ is the only patented burn barrel on the market

stainless steel burn barrel

Warp Resistant

Our burn barrel is 100% Stainless Steel and is warp-resistant and guaranteed to last longer than other designs.

patented airflow burn barrel

Extremely Efficient Burn

Our patented airflow system allows air to pass freely, creating an extremely hot and efficient burn.

document waste burn barrel

Hotter Burn, Cleaner Air

Temperatures over 1600°F guarantees a hotter burn, cleaner air & permanent document and waste incineration.

We Support Our Troops

Burn Right™ Products offer veterans military
discounts on our burn barrels