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Since 2001, Burn Right™ has offered the best outdoor burning technology on the market. Our innovative cylindrical design and burn temperatures of over 1600°F guarantee an efficient burn, resulting in complete incineration and cleaner air. Customer safety underscores everything we do. Our incinerators are patented and designed to effectively contain the flame to help prevent wildfires.

Burn Right™ incinerators are a superior alternative to a Burn Barrel, and are built with 100% stainless steel to prevent warping.

Customers Love Our Burn Barrels

Hear it directly from our online buyers

burn barrel testimony“Best Investment Ever

I have used my Burn Right Incinerator since 2011 and in spite of constant use, it is NOT rusted and is in great shape. I love it. My husband said it was the best investment I ever made. A regular 55 gal drum never lasted me more than a year or so. Thanks Burn Right!”

large incinerator“Safe and Efficient!

We are so very please with our new Burn Right Incinerator as it burns so efficiently. Everything burns, there is so very little smoke, and it is so very safe! Our first one lasted many years and there was no question we would get another one. This is a wonderful product.”

burnright barrel military discount “This bad boy performs

Easily the highest quality burn barrel I’ve ever owned. High capacity perforated drum burns hot, clean, quickly & COMPLETELY. It incinerates household garbage, brush, branches and clippings down to total ash in minutes. Easy tip and scoop cleanup. Couldn’t be more pleased with this product for the money”

Need Replacement Parts?

Angle grates, ash catcher, cylinder cover and cover handle
can be purchased individually if needed.

The Burn Right™ Difference

Burn Right™ is the only patented burn barrel on the market

stainless steel burn barrel

Warp Resistant

Our burn barrel is 100% Stainless Steel and is warp-resistant and guaranteed to last longer than other designs.

patented airflow burn barrel

Extremely Efficient Burn

Our patented airflow system allows air to pass freely, creating an extremely hot and efficient burn.

document waste burn barrel

Hotter Burn, Cleaner Air

Temperatures over 1600°F guarantees a hotter burn, cleaner air & permanent document and waste incineration.

We Support Our Troops

Burn Right™ Products offer veterans military
discounts on our burn barrels

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