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Answers to your burning questions


Do you ship to Canada?

We ship our Hi-Temp Incinerators and replacement items wherever FEDEX ships, including Canada.

What is the S&H cost?

Shipping costs depend on your location, you can determine the S&H cost by starting the check out process. Select the Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator of your choice, enter your state and zip code and hit update totals. You will see the cheapest available shipping option before you are asked to enter any credit card information.

Burn Barrel Uses

Can I burn plastic?

No plastic should ever be burned. We suggest you burn only dry material, yard waste, and non-recyclable paper products in your Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator.

Can I eliminate smoke when burning leaves?

Yes, if you incinerate dry leaves and there is little to no wind.

How often should the ashes be removed?

The best is to remove ashes often. If you have 4 to 5 inches of ash build-up they should be removed. Ash removal is easy just tip your incinerator and roll it away from your ash pile. Shovel them up or dump them off your ash catcher. Always make sure ashes are cold.

Will your incinerator work to burn our tree stumps?

Yes, just put your incinerator over tree stump fill with yard waste and burn it out. Angle grates can be removed for this procedure if needed so incinerator base ring lies flat on the ground. Always follow safety precautions. By driving copper nails into a new stump it will stop further growth. Also drilling holes like you would when you make maple syrup will dry the stump faster at the end.

If you use our Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerators to remove a tree stump, do not let the stump burn to the ground level. It is important to be very careful as the roots of the tree could continue to burn for several days or weeks, which could potentially cause a forest fire. While burning, always follow our safety precautions.

Can we burn in our area?

We suggest you check with your local fire department or town hall for appropriate times to burn. Our products smoke less than a barbecue and many townships and ordinances allow the use of our products during regular burn bans.

Construction & Materials

Is there a warranty?

We guarantee that your product arrives in perfect condition. Warranty on workmanship defects 30 days from date of purchase. Returns must be made before burning. All other warranties express or implied are waived. Call before returning to receive an RGA#. Phone: (262) 207-4215.

How long do the replacement items last?

  • Cover. Our stainless steel cover will last for many years. After 12 years we haven’t come close to burning one up.
  • Angle Grates. If heavy logs aren’t dropped on the grates they should last for around 10 years.
  • Handles are only replaced when lost.

Why do the holes appear smaller than the screws?

For longevity and durability, we use stainless steel self-tapping screws. As a result, the holes are smaller to help create a more secure fit resulting in a longer-lasting incinerator.

What is the difference between the base ring and the ash catcher?

The base ring is the part of the incinerator that keeps it standing upright. It is a permanent fixture attached to the bottom of your incinerator during assembly. The base ring is located on the outside for stability, and because it’s on the outside, ashes fall straight down to the ground or on top of the ash catcher. The ash catcher is an optional item. It is placed on the ground underneath the incinerator to catch the ashes. This helps make ash removal much easier.

What grade and thickness of stainless steel is used to construct your products?

We use 2 grades of stainless steel in the construction of our Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerators: 430 and 304. The gauge and thickness varies from 20 to 16 depending on the requirements of each part.

How heavy is your assembled product?

Our XL Burn Cage weighs in at 54 lbs. Our smaller fire pits weigh in at 22 lbs.

How long does it take to assemble your products & do I need any tools?

The largest model (2242) takes 45 minutes or less to assemble. You will need work gloves, preferably leather, pliers, a cordless drill with a clutch, and a 5/15″ hex drive.

Why is the Hi-Temp-Incinerator round?

A round design is the strongest and prevents our incinerators from bending or warping. The high temperatures reached by our incinerators would warp any other shape, especially square or flat. We’ve applied this knowledge to the design of our covers as well, which are domed rather than flat.

Will your products ever rust?

No, we use 100% stainless steel, which does not rust. What may appear to be rust on your barrel is actually oxidation. Oxidation occurs on stainless steel when temperatures reach 1000° F and is only on the surface which isn’t a problem. Our models are lasting for 20 plus years because the stainless steel we use will not burn out until temperatures reach 2550° F.

What makes your model burn hotter & last longer than your competitors?

Our patented internal flanges allow air to freely move around the incinerator body completely engulfing its contents. The angle grates hold the burning material off of the ground which contributes to the high temperatures. Our patented design is circular, which is proven to be more effective than square designs.

On average, how long do your Hi-Temp-Incinerators last?

We have customers whose mini-incinerators are working like new even after 12+ years.

Company Info

How long have you been in business?

We started development towards the end of 1999. We were granted patents (#6932001 & #7,438,003) for our Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerators design a few years later, and incorporated the business on August 12th, 2002.

Do you have any retailers?

No, we only sell our incinerators over the internet and through our authorized affiliates.


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