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Purchasing a home incinerator can be a great investment for your family and home. Burning waste gives you the opportunity for document disposal security and cuts down on the amount of debris being transferred to landfills. Your incinerator can also be a vital tool for home improvement and yard clean-up projects, allowing you to build the home of your dreams.

Our products have a wide range of uses that can improve your home environment. From a backyard firepit to burning old tax documents – let our incinerators transform your home with their many unique uses!

Document Disposal

Clear up your office files in a flash. Burn Right incinerators can quickly and securely dispose of your old files, tax documents, or other outdated documents so they aren’t cluttering up important space. No need to worry about hiring a shredding service or spending hours destroying each single piece of paper; toss it into your incinerator and watch it disappear in a flash!

Yard Clean Up

Getting rid of fallen leaves or branches is one of the most popular uses for a backyard incinerator, especially in more rural areas. Our burn barrels are easy to use and can cut down the time it takes to clear your yard from unwanted debris.

Ensuring your leaves or other wood is completely dry can speed up the process further and allow you to get the yard of your dreams without all the effort. Our burn barrels are also portable and leave very little ash after burning, allowing you to move locations on a large property for even easier clean up.

Home Burnables Disposal

Reduce the amount of waste being sent to the junkyard and instead collect burnables to dispose of with your incinerator. Instead of filling landfills, dispose of online shopping packaging, paper, and other burnables from the comfort of your backyard! It’s quick, simple, and can save you money in the long run. Check out our other blog posts to learn more about what you can safely burn in your burn barrel!

Backyard Parties

Be the hit of your neighborhood and host a burn barrel party! An incinerator can be a unique addition to your backyard and allow you to have a safe burning experience with friends. Have them bring over their old documents or dried leaves and get them invested in the burning experience.

You can also use our incinerators for cooking fun bonfire treats, like s’mores and campfire churros. Come together with your friends, family, and neighbors for a great night around the fire!

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