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Summer is the perfect time for backyard bonfires with friends, family, and neighbors! Be the envy of your loved ones and use your Burn Right incinerator to host the best party yet. We encourage you to always follow our Safety Precautions when burning, but inviting more friends to join in on the fun is a great way to make your experience even better.

Set Up Your Incinerator Beforehand

In order to spend more time with guests when they arrive, set up your incinerator and necessary safety materials before your party begins. You can load your burn barrel with wood, paper, and other burnables while also preparing any needed supplies for refueling. This will ensure you have everything required for a positive burning and socializing experience so you can focus on being a good host.

It is also wise to always review weather forecasts before deciding to use your incinerator and stay up-to-date on local burning laws, regulations, and restrictions.

Make Safety a Priority

Whenever you have an open flame at your backyard party, remember to keep safety as your top priority. This ensures that you, your guests, and the environment all have fun without getting burned or causing any unintended destruction. Please be sure to review our Safety Precautions closely and advise your guests on how to properly behave around an open flame. This includes constantly supervising children and pets.

Encourage Guests to Bring Burnables

Having guests bring their own burnables is a unique way to make them feel included in the burning process. Do your guests have old paperwork they’d like to thermal shred? Have them bring it along! Incinerators make quick work of old tax papers and confidential documents, so spending quality time while disposing of unwanted papers can be an evening well spent.

If friends or neighbors have dried leaves and other easily moved yard debris, these can also make great fuel for your burn barrel and help beautify your neighborhood. When burning wood, remember to only burn supplies from your local area to avoid spreading potentially dangerous insects.

Choose the Right Food

Selecting refreshments for your backyard party can be tricky but using your incinerator makes cooking both easier and more exciting for guests. Some great options to consider include traditional s’mores, hot dogs, and campfire crescent rolls – all of which can be cooked with the heat of your burn barrel.

Want to add a little personal flavor to your food lineup? Consider putting new spins on the traditional! Swap out the chocolate in your s’more for a peanut butter cup, cookies and cream chocolate bar, caramel square or other favorite sweet treat. Add some unique options to your hot dog toppings and create a full Chicago style or chili dog bar. There are many ways to get creative when cooking on your incinerator!

Enjoy Your Party!

Did you host a successful backyard incinerator gathering? Send us photos for a chance to be featured on our social media channels! We love to see our Burn Right family members enjoying their burn barrels.

Always do your research before burning and remember to follow our Safety Precautions for the best experience possible.

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