Large Hi-Temp Mini Incinerator (All Parts)

Large Hi-Temp Mini Incinerator (All Parts)


(68 customer reviews)

Made in the USA with 100% stainless steel construction

Lightweight, portable and large, with burning capacity of 13,300 cubic inches. Comparable in size to standard 55-gallon burn barrels. Ideal for disposing of yard waste and for document incineration.

Includes ash catcher, angle grates, cover, and handle

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  • HIGH TEMP – Our models burn hot and fast with temps reaching 1600° F
  • DURABLE – Unlike square units, our cylindrical design is guaranteed warp resistant and long lasting
  • SAFE – Three stainless steel clips secure the cover containing the flame & embers, minimizing risk of wildfire
  • CLEAN – Minimal smoke so it’s neighborhood friendly. Check with your local community as burning permits may not be required when using our products
100 % Stainless Steel Construction
Internal Flanges for Hotter Burn
Angle Grates For an Efficient Burn
Engineered Hole Pattern
hole pattern
Easy Clean up & Ash Removal
easy clean
Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly

Additional information

Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 22 × 35 in

Large – (35" x 22") 29" Base Ring

68 reviews for Large Hi-Temp Mini Incinerator (All Parts)

  1. Chris S. Andover, MA (Wine Grape Bu) (verified owner)

    Living in New England, we receive some very harsh winter storms making for an enormous amount of brush to pick up and lug away in the Spring. After easily assembling my Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator I quickly went to work incinerating the fallen branches and leaves. I have never used or heard of a product that burns better than this. It completely contains the fire and is very easy to empty the ashes. Excellent Craftsmanship, Excellent Product!

  2. Chuck W. Phelps, WI ( Lake Home Owner) (verified owner)

    It works like a charm. Burns everything that’s burnable in less then 10 minutes. Basically it is the best device for burning paper and other burnable items that I have ever seen or used. It leaves very little ash because it burns so hot and so thoroughly. After 2 months I still haven’t removed the ashes and they are not even up to the bottom of the cross bars. I have included some pictures of a dear who even thought the Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator was great, Enjoy!

  3. Arnold K. Brookfield, WI (Home Owner) (verified owner)

    I reside on a two acre lot in Brookfield, WI. The location is heavily wooded and would obviously create a lot of yard waste. With a great deal of skepticism I acquired one of your Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerators approximately 6 months ago. I was astonished at the efficient manner in which the waste was incinerated. You have convinced a skeptic.

  4. Geo B. Richfield, WI. (Mini Farmer) (verified owner)

    We have been burning combustible materials in the town of Richfield since 1954 and have burned in everything you can think of, from a stone lined pit to a 55 gallon drum; even a woven wire enclosure and one built of cement blocks. Not until we started using a Mini-Incinerator a few years ago, have we had the mess and frustration of burning combustible materials put behind us. With the Mini-Incinerator, engineered the way it is, the combustion is much more complete; it can be charged easily (the large volume of it) and it can be emptied readily (not much left because it burns so efficiently), and they last (don’t burn out like wire enclosures or the old 55 gallon drums). Our children live close by and they too enjoy the fruits of good engineering when it come to burning combustible materials. Wouldn’t be without one!

  5. Bob D. (Cape Canaveral Port Authority) (verified owner)

    The mini-incinerator works great, it makes short work of getting rid of our old files. What use to take two or more days to burn in our old burn barrel now only takes a half a day and is completely burned. I’m truly satisfied with your product.

  6. Carol R. Hubertus, WI (Home Owner) (verified owner)

    I have been using my Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerator a lot these past few weeks with leaves and I am totally amazed at how great it works. In no time all of the leaves are completely gone. I had a lot of pine cones and needles in my trash and all was completely gone. I feel that the unit is very safe and had a great opportunity to give it a real work out.

  7. Cliff P. (Home Owner) (verified owner)

    I assembled and used the fireplace today and it works great. Absolutely loved it! My girls had a sledding party and then they got warm by the fire as they roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.I assembled and used the fireplace today and it works great. Absolutely loved it! My girls had a sledding party and then they got warm by the fire as they roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.

  8. Steve H from NW Ontario, Canada (Fly-in Business) (verified owner)

    We purchased several burn right barrels for our fly-in outposts. What a great and safe way to eliminate our guests paper garbage. Saves a lot in additional flying out unnecessary paper waste. We also have We purchased several burn right barrels for our fly-in outposts. What a great and safe way to eliminate our guests paper garbage. Saves a lot in additional flying out unnecessary paper waste. We also have one at our house and use it just about every day for our office papers and packaging waste. We have been very pleased with the barrels and will tell our friends and relatives about your product.

  9. Dennis W from Township, MI (Home Owner) (verified owner)

    I received, about a week ago, my Burn Right unit. I bought the extra high unit. You know in all the years I have been in business, everytime you buy something there is always short comings; yours does not! It absolutely performs as you advertise. I am so tickled. It burns like a blow tourch. It sucks up everything. Thank you very much.

  10. Fred G (Home Owner) (verified owner)

    I’ve attached a photo of my Burn Right incinerator in use. The device has been a Godsend for us after the local city dump stopped accepting household trash and the only trash collection company stopped accepting new customers in our rural area. Due to an extended drought in this area, we have had an almost continuous outdoor burn ban for most of this winter, eliminating the possibility of open burning of trash. A check, however, with my County Commissioner and precinct constable showed that the Burn Right incinerator is legal for use, despite the burn ban.The device burns hot and efficiently with little smoke, while leaving very little residue. A typical burn takes only about 15 minutes and is easier than rolling a large trash bin more than 100 yards to the road for weekly pickups. The city dump does accept burn residue but the volume of the residue is so small I only accumulate enough to fill less than one small trash bin per month. I had been taking an average of ten bags of trash to the dump every two weeks while paying a fee of about $2.00 per bag. As a result, I expect the device to pay for itself in less than a year.Thanks for a great product!I’ve attached a photo of my Burn Right incinerator in use. The device has been a Godsend for us after the local city dump stopped accepting household trash and the only trash collection company stopped accepting new customers in our rural area. Due to an extended drought in this area, we have had an almost continuous outdoor burn ban for most of this winter, eliminating the possibility of open burning of trash. A check, however, with my County Commissioner and precinct constable showed that the Burn Right incinerator is legal for use, despite the burn ban.The device burns hot and efficiently with little smoke, while leaving very little residue. A typical burn takes only about 15 minutes and is easier than rolling a large trash bin more than 100 yards to the road for weekly pickups. The city dump does accept burn residue but the volume of the residue is so small I only accumulate enough to fill less than one small trash bin per month. I had been taking an average of ten bags of trash to the dump every two weeks while paying a fee of about $2.00 per bag. As a result, I expect the device to pay for itself in less than a year.Thanks for a great product!

  11. Marjorie B (Home Owner) (verified owner)

    I found this incinerator on the internet when I was looking for a better way to burn trash, I found that it does everything the company claims. I’ve watched as the material burns and, although flames do come out, with minute pieces of ash, there are no flowing embers or big pieces of ash that escape. Household trash and yard farm trash burn fast and safely, with little or no smoke.

  12. Arnold M (Home Owner) (verified owner)

    Here are the photos of our Chinese Ceremonial Burners with your product inside as the burning furnace. They are working wonderfully and everyone from the Chinese communities that use them at our City Council are impressed with the way they work. Congratulations on a fabulous product, and thank you for working with me to make this project successful.

  13. Joe T from, Linden TX (verified owner)

    I purchased my Burn Right Incinerator almost two years ago. We have used it several hundred times. Texas is burning up and we have had burn bans for many months. I invited an enforcement officer from the Texas Forest Service to see my Burn Right Incinerator. He took a look and then did some research. The result was approval to use my Burn Right Incinerator even during burn bans as long as I followed these rules:1. 20 foot plus perimeter around the appliance.2. Use the Burn Right Incinerator in calm conditions. If it is windy or even breezy it should not be used.3. Keep an eye on the Burn Right when it is in use.This one of the smartest purchases we have made.

  14. Jimmey M (verified owner)

    Hello, I am Jimmye, my husband Richard and I purchased one of your burn barrels and have been delighted that it lived up to everything your ad promised. We would like to include your product as a link to our web-site ( currently being built). Please send me info about your affliliate program.

  15. Tom N (verified owner)

    Purchased Model 2235 Burn barrel. I will say I’m impressed, not only with the fast burn, but also the efficiency of the burner. Fast start, hot burn (low smoke), low ash…what more could anyone want? Definitely lives up to your description. Thanks.

  16. Mayrna M (verified owner)

    We recently purchased the x-large Burn Right barrel. And we just want to thank you for providing a great product. We love it. Also thanks for shipping to Canada

  17. George B. (verified owner)

    We have had our incinerator for about fifteen years and it is still doing a great job. My wife really likes how easy it is to remove the ashes. I needed to replace the angle bars and it was easy to get the part.

  18. Gene R (verified owner)

    I love my Burn Right… Must be a t least 5 years old and I light it every day with no mess and no sparks to catch the filed on fire. Great Product.

  19. Molly A (verified owner)

    ust wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the product. Took it up to the country, Chris assembled it in around 40 minutes and “let the burning begin!” Burns hot and fast. Really great product!! I am glad we made the purchase. As they say, “It works like a charm!!”

  20. AC (verified owner)

    It is great. We were able to clear years worth of leaves and pine needles in just a few burns. This is safe and clean up is easy.

  21. Pete E (verified owner)

    Does exactly as the description says, Burns very fast and very hot awesome product

  22. Phil (verified owner)

    I took off 1 star for the assembly instructions. I am very satisfied with the barrel. The instructions should have much bigger pictures. All screws are 10-32 hex head self-tapping machine screws. I used a 5/16″ hex driver with magnetic holder. The base ring is assembled with the same screws and 5/8″ nuts. I used a torque drill (Rockwell 3rill) and assembly was fast and easy.The cross bars at the bottom have tabs on one end that lock them into the barrel. Just twist the tabs up.

  23. Ron C (verified owner)

    Great Product

  24. Dianne (verified owner)

    I read many of the reviews of this product before purchasing. The biggest complaint was the screws that were supplied for assembly were not any good. I did not have any difficulty with them so I think the problem was resolved.This is an EXCELLENT product. It is exactly what is advertised.

  25. Jamey D (verified owner)

    I have burned paper trash for as long as I can remember. I have used burnbarrels, fire pits, old refrigerators, chimneys and about anything elseyou can think of. I finally got fed up with ash everywhere, half burnedpaper, and a smudgeey fire that lasted for days. I bought the 42” Burn Rightunit but was still skeptical. Now my fires last only a few minutes and the ash is pretty well contained inside the unit. In addition, the ash is so fine and completely burnt, the ashes from a family of four for a monthsworth of trash barely fill a five pound coffee can. My city slicker relatives are all now buying Burn Right units because they are clean and “green”. Great Unit, and it arrived in only a few days. Plus I got a veterans discount and free shipping. THANKS!

  26. Helen C (verified owner)

    I would like to share with you what a difference your mini incinerator madefor the American Legion Post 757 Flag Retirement Ceremony this year. Lastyear we used just large steel barrels. The smoke we generated was terribleand there was a lot of residue left in the barrels after the flags wereburned. The barrels were so hot for a long while and we had to leave themwhere they stood until the next day.This year we used the mini incinerator we got from you. After muchdiscussion, I was overruled in following your explicit instructions not toadd flags to the flames after the fire was lit. We still generated a goodamount of smoke, but not as much as last year. The fire was intensely hotand quickly reduced the flags to very little ash. We were pleasantlysurprised by how quickly the incinerator cooled off and we were able totake it back to our Post the same day. I would definitely recommend yourproduct to anyone looking for an efficient and user friendly incinerator.Thank you for informing us how to correctly attach the lid clips. We willreverse them for use at our next Flag Retirement Ceremony.

  27. Todd R. (verified owner)

    When I decided to purchase a real burn barrel I researched the available products on the market only to be discouraged by the fact that most were made in China. Then I came across Burn Right Products! After a call to the company to confirm their products were indeed 100% AMERICAN made I was in contact with a gentleman who confirmed that indeed they were. I ordered the large model and it arrived promptly and I was able to assemble it quickly and without any trouble at all. After a week of use I could not be more satisfied with my decision.BUY AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS FROM AMERICANS AND MAKE THIS COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN !

  28. Gail K (verified owner)

    We have been burning household trash & yard debris in a 55-gallon barrel for many years. We are looking forward to using the Burn Right Mini-Incinerator. Your customer reviews were fabulous. The quality of your product & being made here in the USA were the clinchers for us.Thank you again

  29. Gail (verified owner)

    We purchased the Extra Large Burn Barrel on 8/3/16 and received it on 8/10/16. Assembly was very easy. In the past we burned our household paper trash in a 55-gal barrel. Always had lots of smoke, ashes & unburned stuff at the bottom of the barrel.We have used the Burn Right barrel twice since receiving it. WOW, what a huge difference. We burned about 3 times the amount of trash we usually burn & there was very little smoke. The trash burned quickly & there was only a little pile of ashes afterwards.This is a wonderful product & we wish we would have bought it years ago!Thanks Burn Bright.

  30. AC (verified owner)

    Fairly easy to put together and it works great.

  31. Roger (verified owner)

    My husband and I enjoy sitting around the incinerator for a night of warmth and visiting (and a glass of wine doesn’t hurt). At the same time, we can burn up our personal paperwork and not worry about pieces floating away in the air. The incinerator is fast and efficient. Thank you for making such a wonderful product and backing it up with excellent service. You are always there to answer any questions we have; that is definitely a plus in today’s market!

  32. Mouse (verified owner)

    burns hot and fast , very few ashes, easy to assembly and easy clean up.

  33. Brad (verified owner)

    Got my Extra Large Burn Barrel about a week ago…works excellent…my only complaint is the holes in the top cover need to be smaller, it lets out to much ash. Other than that anything [other than plastic] you throw in it will be gone in minutes.

  34. Bill B. (verified owner)

    Works great. I had issues during assembly and contacted Ron. I could not get the screws in and there are a lot of them, approximately 80. As Ron stated, you can’t do it with s screwdriver! Well you can’t do it with a 1/4″ power drill either. I got a 3/8″ corded drill and had no problem after that. I burned off all my leaves and grass clipping and then started looking for things to burn. It did great and clean up was easy with the optional ash catcher!

  35. Lawrence M (verified owner)

    Mine is 2 years old, and has burned many a huge fire, and other than some discoloring, It shows no sign of the abuse I’ve put it through. fire’s burn great and is very mesmerizing. I believe all my neighbors would get one, if I didn’t have one already. great product!

  36. Howard S (verified owner)

    The county I live in doesn’t allow burn barrels but having pine needles that blanket the ground after every storm is endless. I burn a full barrel every 30 to 40 minutes without much smoke if the needles ignite from the top. If the pile starts from the previous fires ash I get more smoke until the needles get going. Our barrel is 3 years old and discolored. I bring the barrel in at night so it doesn’t disappear. This purchase is the best way to get rid of the endless needle fallout. I see my neighbors burn piles on the ground that smoke out the neighborhood but not me. I highly recommend purchasing the largest you can afford, it ends the worry of catching the forest on fire.

  37. T Stephens (verified owner)

    I have used it for 3 days to burn a tree stump. Works great!

  38. Sandy K (verified owner)

    We stored up 4 bags of confidential information toburn and were hoping to roast marshmallows over the flames but Burn RightTMincinerators are so fast and efficient that the documents went up inminutes.

  39. DBWoody (verified owner)

    I tried another brand burn cage (square), it warped the first time I used it. So far I have burned 3 full loads of burn material of all types and the barrel is still in the original shape, it discolored but that was natural. All that was left after burning was pure ash, the other cage left a lot of trash that had to be shoveled to a wheel barrow and hauled away. As I said the Best of the Best

  40. Mark M (verified owner)

    Owning this product guarantees you will have a clean yard. I cancelled my trash pick up. When i told the lady at the waste disposal place about the incinerator, she knew what that meant, she discontinued my trash collection and just sold me individual orange trash bags. I no longer have a trash bill for 250 dollars a year. It is nicer looking than a burn barrell and looks nice outside my beautiful home.

  41. Eileen (verified owner)

    I love this thing. It was so dangerous burning in an open pit. Everything burns fast & completely and we have horrid winds here but it has never tipped over. We leave it in the same place all year. Super good investment.

  42. Holly (verified owner)

    I bought this for my husband when he retired in January 2015.We had been away from our home in West Virginia for three years, and I knew reclaiming the yard would be a giant task. Getting the Burn Rite Burn Barrel was one of the best decisions I made. It burns hotter and cleaner than the homemade barrels I’ve seen, and it just eats through yard waste like sticks and tree trimmings. Now, for my husband…he had recently retired from his position as a Marine Transportation professor at the United States Merchant Marine Academy. One of his favorite courses to teachwas Marine Firefighitng. You can see he has his turnout coat on, and if you look very closely you might be able to tell the garden hose nozzle is a baled design like goes on a fire hose. He’s “boundary cooling” the ground around the barrel, for extra safety. A bit different than the live fire marine training he used to do, but he IS retired now. He LOVES this burnbarrel!

  43. Bob (verified owner)

    I needed a burn barrel that worked and was safe to use where I live which is in the middle of the American Legion State Forest. As I researched, I came across the Burn Right incinerator, I was going to attempt to build my own after watching a couple videos. However after studying your design I decided to purchase the Large size. It is expensive BUT it is made of stainless steel and to my great satisfaction it performs perfectly. When the fire goes out there is nothing left but ash. Roll the barrel away,rake away the ashes, roll the barrel back onto it’s spot and you’re ready to fire up again. I’ll admit the price was a concern but as they say ‘You get what you pay for”. And, I did. You can’t build a better one. Or find better customer service.

  44. Robert (verified owner)

    We have had our Burn Right Burn Barrel since 2011. My wife had been pushing for a traditional burn barrel for a while but I was hesitant. I didn’t like how they looked or the fact that they would only last a year or two before falling apart. We found Burn Right in an internet search and immediately knew this was what we had been waiting for. The burning capability of the barrel is unmatched. The air flow allows for cleaner and quicker starting and burning. And as you can see from the picture, it’s attractive too. I don’t know what we would do without it. We burn weeklyyear round which cuts way down on the trash we are putting in a land fill. If, for some crazy reason, the stainless steel in this product would ever deteriorate, we wouldn’t hesitate to buy a new one but I don’t anticipate that happening.

  45. Christopher (verified owner)

    I had been using an old oil barrel to burn my trash. It was hard to start and did no burn everything. With the burnright, those issues are a thing of the past. It is easy to light and It burns hot and fast so I save time. I can load more than in my old barrel and it burns everything. I am even able to burn old files and documents. I have had it for 18 months. It stays outside with the rain and sun but it doesn’t fall apart or rust.

  46. C Snyder (verified owner)

    I read the comments about assembly. I didn’t have a cordless drill with a clutch, so I put in all the screws by hand. There were about twice as many as I needed that came with the unit. Yes, I did strip a few, but I put nuts on them and tightened them down. Time consuming, but not difficult. I used the barrel once so far, to burn a lot of yard waste. Worked great. Easy to clean up the ashes. Looking forward to using this burner for a long time. My old steel barrels kept rusting out.

  47. Travis T (verified owner)

    Due to so many people having their accounts hacked we decided to burn all mail that we dispose of rather than throw it into the trash where it could be pilfered. Allowing criminals to access your name and other information to set up false accounts. We have been very pleased with our burn device and feel more secure knowing our personal information is safe.

  48. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Husband able to burn leaves and papers without burning the yard.

  49. Deb K (verified owner)

    For us, buying a Burn Right Burn Barrel has been one of those few items that we have purchased that has far exceeded our expectations. We absolutely feel like we made the right decision and would buy it again.My husband thought I was crazy spending so much on a burn barrel. It didn’t take him long to admit it was a great investment, and show it off to friends.We used to replace a 55 gallon drum burn barrel every couple years. They just didn’t last, they created a lot of smoke, and never completely burned everything. With the Burn Right Burn Barrel everything is burned cleanly with very little ash left over.We have been using our Burn Right Burn Barrel every couple weeks since 2010. It’s holding up amazingly well, and we don’t see any sign of deterioration.If we ever move from our property, our Burn Right Burn Barrel is most definitely coming with us.We relocate our Burn Right Burn Barrel in the spring and fall to different nearby locations on our properly. It’s easily moved by sliding it onto a tarp and dragging it to its new location.The only issue we have had, which has been no big deal is we have lost a couple screws from it being moved around.We love our Burn Right Burn Barrel. You will too!

  50. Hank S (verified owner)

    Thank you. My ‘Burn Right’ 55 gallon barrel is still doing super work. I watch it, but any escape is just small ash that breaks up and never had a flame when outside the barrel.

  51. Robert (verified owner)

    I purchased the largest burn barrel you make 4-5 years ago for my weekend property. It was easy to assemble and has served us well. And we have used it steadily primarily for burnable trash and the mountains of pinecones which we rake up so they don’t tear up our mower blades. We can burn 55 gallons of pinecones in 10 minutes with a shot glass full of charcoal lighter. We had a grass fire started by a mower clutch last year and Florida Forestry was so curious about out burn barrel they asked me to demonstrate it and they were amazed at how well it contains all embers and sparks and the speed and completeness of the burn. Recently we moved the unit to repair an underground water pipe and one of my boys lost the handle used to pick up the lid, and you kindly offered to mail me one, thank you.

  52. Robert (verified owner)

    I neglected to enter this in my review which is below. In Florida its illegal to burn outside in most places, and there is a myriad of scummy burn companies who charge big bucks to burn old business records, usually by the pound. I take my records up to my ranch property and burn them for free in my burn rite, it will completely destroy two bankers boxes of paper in about 15 minutes, AMAZING. All for the cost of a match and a shot glass full of BBQ lighter. Best product I ever owned. Will definitely replace it when its finally used up if ever… the way its built, it will outlive me.

  53. Anthony D (verified owner)

    I have had the Extra large burn barrel for over 10 years and have no problems with it. I am getting ready to buy a second one for my mother.

  54. J Steiskal (verified owner)

    I’m the burner in the family, so it took a little convincing to get the hubby to agree to this purchase. We went with the largest unit….if you’re gonna go…GO BIG! Needless to stay, he was absolutely amazed when he saw it in action (so was I, but I acted as if I knew how great it was all along)! Anyway, fast forward to a little over a year later, and here I am, buying a replacement spark arrester….he ran over it with the tractor!

  55. DBWoody (verified owner)

    This is the 2nd Burn Barrel I have bought in a year. I have used all types, most have been square and they warped the first time used. my Burn Barrel’s have never warped and they burned the trash to a fine ash. As I have said before these are the Best of the BestThanks muchDBWoody

  56. Michael EH (verified owner)

    Howdy Ron,Thank you for returning my call today. I enjoyed talking with you, and getting tips on proper performance of my new Burn Right burn cage. I look forward to the easier disposal of the yearly storm blow down clean up.If the Military discount offer is still available I would like to request it if possible. I thank you for your consideration of the Men, and Women of the Armed Forces, and the First responder cadre. I wish to thank you for manufacturing, and making available a High Quality American made product to us. Thank you Ron.

  57. Bruce (verified owner)

    Good morning Ronald,I meant to email you sooner, but life caught up with me and I have been busy as heck. Thanks for the quick mail out of my burn barrel. I work out of town through the week and I had called my wife to tell her to be expecting it, that the website said around twelve days after you place your order it should arrive, she informs me it’s already there. Well like a kid at Christmas I was ready to play with it. It took about three weeks before I could honestly use it, because the stuff I had to burn was wet. But I finally got to use it last weekend and that thing was everything you said it would be. I have several piles of stuff I’m trying to burn and it burns it faster than I can get the stuff cut down to size. Thanks Sir for a great American made product. Thank you for your military service to this country as well. Have a great Labor Day weekend.

  58. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    It has made a difference in how much we can get done around our yard. We have approximately 45 mostly oak trees in our backyard and this thing makes short work of all those leaves! Before we would make 6 foot diameter piles of leaves and burn them but it was a pain in the ass because they would end up just smoldering and we could never burn all of them in one day and then end up bagging up 40+ plus bags which cost out the corn hole for bags and ended up taking up my whole weekend and then some when i couldn’t get help from the boys or the wife! But not anymore! I go through all those leaves and looking for more lol.P.S. I did have a problem with two screws but swapped them out with two others in the bag as it came with extras and those tightened up without a problem. Happy Incinerating!

  59. Keith B (verified owner)

    For years I traveled 25 + miles to buy old used metal barrels with who knows what still in the bottom of them. Then I had to chisel the metal top off , leaving unsafe jagged edges to reach over each time I used it, not to mention paying someone to haul it for me. This incinerator will definitely last a lifetime. It burns cardboard and paper to a very fine ash. This will keep a lot of refuse out of the landfill, making the environment cleaner.

  60. Anthony D (verified owner)

    I have had an incinerator since 2006 and just replaced it in 2017 only because a tree fell on it during a storm. This is one of the best purchases ever made as the documents and sticks burn up so fast with hardly no smoke and no embers. Thank

  61. John S (verified owner)

    I have not been sorry. Initially I thought the price was high but when amortized over a dozen years it seems like a good investment considering how much we utilize it. We live in a semi rural area and it is great to be able to torch off anything and everything in the barrel with minimum fuss and absolute safety. The unit has taken everything I could throw at it in the form of yard waste, tree limbs, confidential paperwork, you name it. I like the fact that the burn is super fast and complete right down to minimal ash without the usual lingering burn barrel smells and smoke, and I know my neighbors appreciate this as well. I am willing to bet they are not even aware that I am burning. I would not hesitate to recommend this product. I’m certain one of my kids will be using it 30 years from now, as there is nothing to wear out or burn out on the unit. I like the fact that the newer ones have a handle to deal with the maneuvering of the spark arrestor

  62. Carla B (verified owner)

    I really like that yours is made here in the USA. You had good reviews. Just wish you gave a senior discount. We are on fixed incomes and your product is pricey. Maybe something to consider in the future.

  63. N. Burke (verified owner)

    We purchased a Thermal Shredder from Burn Right Products in 2007 after a city ordinance banning open pit burning. Our little incinerator has stayed out in the weather since then because we burn year round. It is perfect for burning small limbs, junk mail and boxes from Christmas.In the winter we sit around it and enjoy the fire without all the ash and smoke since it burns so clean. If you have a large yard filled with Pecan trees and Pines this is a must have. One of the smartest purchases we’ve made and would do it again. But I think our little work horse won’t be replaced anytime soon. It even survived Hurricane Michael.

  64. Basil A (verified owner)

    I have owned a 42” Burnright Stainless Steel Incinerator for over 10 years. With the exception of one of my workers backing over it a few years ago, it is still in great shape as you can see from the attached picture. For years I usedold barrels to burn rubbish and debris from my property. As always, they did not last long and they did not do a good job of burning the waste. I came across an advertisement regarding this Burnright Product. Since its purchase, I have never been disappointed with its efficiency to totally and safely burn materials it is designed to incinerate. I highly recommend this product to land and business owners as well as contractors.

  65. Thomas B (verified owner)

    I purchased a large incinerator when we moved from the big city to our country ranch about a year and a half ago. Regular trash pickup is not available here, so we recycle, compost and burn. The incinerator works perfectly. Burns at high temperature, no ember escape, minimal ash. It’s easy to clean and load. This was a great purchase. Looks like it will last forever. Thanks

  66. Ethel (verified owner)

    My name is EthelSeveral years ago I purchased the large round Burn-Right SS Incinerator. I just loved it… Built a little home for it with stacked concrete blocks and used it many years with no problems at all. Loved the way it did a fast quick job of all the “burnables” on my farm.In April of 2018, I (and many others) lost our farm homes, outbuildings, etc. in a fast moving prairie fire. It was not a small fire. It started about 10 miles away from me and the intense and variable winds left all of us wondering if we were going to be next to lose our homes and farms. When it was all over, Southeast Colorado (where I live) lost over 38,000 acres, it skipped the state line and moved into Southwest Kansas and they lost homes and farmground over 17,000 acres. It also burned a few thousand acres of northern Oklahoma.We received help from many fire departments (mostly volunteer) and other states joined in with our Colorado firefighters – Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, etc. One of our local firefighters contacted me a week or so later and told me that they had clocked the winds at 77 mph when it raced through my 320 acre farmstead. No stopping a fire like that. When everything was over, we were looking for anything salvageable. Almost everything was destroyed, but my BurnRight incinerator made it through just fine. We found everything except for the lid. That is why I am writing. Do you possibly sell replacement lids?? We are still hoping we can find it, but with the winds blowing so bad during the fire, it could be anywhere in a 50 mi. radius…. I have lost my home and have had to move to town (no incinerators allowed), but my son and his wife are thrilled to inherit the incinerator, and are hoping to be able to replace just the lid.

  67. Keith (verified owner)

    I bought the pyro cage it warped so bad. This is a whole lot better. More money but you get what you pay for

  68. CSH (verified owner)

    The unit assembled as the instruction called for with no problems. A 5/16” powered driver worked just great and the hardware machine screws worked good and there were plenty of extras in the package. Incinerator is working fine and burns items quickly and fast.

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