Special Way to Burn

My son bought an incinerator for me to replace my burn barrel. The incinerator burned my debris completely without leaving residue ash.  Another son, daughter, and niece each purchased an incinerator after seeing how well the debris burned in mine.  This is a special way to burn debris safer in an enclosed container.

Marilyn - August 22nd, 2019

Keep up the Good Work!

Our incinerator from you is one of the best things we bought. It is still in brilliant condition, and has always worked well. Keep up the good work!

Philip - August 15th, 2019

Still No Rust

I bought one of these five years ago. It works great and still has no rust.

Mark - July 20th, 2019

Burns So Quickly!

The best thing is that it burns so quickly. I get much more done during my pruning and thinning of trees. I have to keep feeding the fire because it burns so cleanly and quickly. Great product!

Ziedonis - July 25th, 2019

Very Happy!

Great investment. Burn newspaper, personal information, yard branches and leaves. Very happy with it!

William - July 20th, 2019

Keeps on Incinerating

I have had a Burn Right incinerator for a few years. It has held up well and keeps on incinerating. I love it!

Teresa - July 20th, 2019

Works Great!

I have two incinerators, one near the house and one near a creek so I can burn debris without hauling it up the hill. They work great! Good investment and well worth it.

Richard - July 20th, 2019

Worth Every Penny

Have had one for probably ten years. Worth every penny; it works great! Highly recommend to anyone! Worry free if used correctly.

Zannetta - July 20th, 2019

Only Takes Minutes

I bought mine in 2005. I burn every piece of paper that comes in the mail, bank records that are out of date, and more. Still no rust and it only takes minutes to make personal records disappear.

Rick - July 19th, 2019

Good Investment

We bought one of these several years ago and it works like a charm. Good investment!

Jimmye - July 19th, 2019

Wonderful Product

We are so very pleased with our new Burn Right incinerator as it burns so efficiently. Everything burns, there is very little smoke, and it is so very safe! Our first one lasted many years and there was no question we would get another one. This is a wonderful product.

Judy - June 24, 2019

Safe Burn

This was a gift for my husband and since he is very protective of our surrounding forest, I wanted a product that would ensure no hot ashes were ejected that could cause danger. It lives up to its reputation and we have been very pleased. It burns great-only leaving a small amount of residue due to the design. It gets the job done and we feel safe.

Amazon Customer - 27th April 2019

Works as Claimed

The unit assembled as the instruction called for with no problems. A 5/16” powered driver worked just great and the hardware machine screws worked good and there were plenty of extras in the package. Incinerator is working fine and burns items quickly and fast.

CSH - 18th April 2019

My Second One

This is my second incinerator from your company — I purchased the same model 3 1/2 years ago. My son-in-law has my first one. I am replacing that one with the newer one.

Scott - 02nd April 2019

Go Round!

I bought the pyro cage it warped so bad. This is a whole lot better. More money but you get what you pay for.

Keith - 27th March 2019

Best Investment

I have used my Burn Right Incinerator since 2011 and in spite of being discolored from constant use, it is NOT rusted and in great shape. I love it. My husband said that it was the best investment I ever made. A regular 55 gal drum never lasted me more than a year or so. There was constant cleaning it out and hauling what was left of it away. Thanks Burn Right!

Rita Goodin - 14th March 2019

Amazingly Durable

Several years ago I purchased the large round Burn-Right SS Incinerator. I just loved it… used it many years with no problems at all. Loved the way it did a fast quick job of all the “burnables” on my farm. In April of 2018, I (and many others) lost our farm homes, outbuildings, etc. in a fast moving prairie fire. Almost everything was destroyed, but my Burn Right incinerator made it through just fine.

Ethel - 12th March 2019

Everything it Was Said to Be

Assembled in 30 minutes. Follow the well-written directions and assembly is a breeze. I work with stainless steel and I am impressed with the fit of every piece. I would buy another one but I will probably never need to.

TC - 08th March 2019

Perfect for Father’s Day

I am always searching for something to get my dad for Father’s Day.In June of 2010 I got him the Burn Right Incinerator. He has used the barrel to burn all of his yard waste and leaves. He has found the Burn Right burn barrel to be a very effective burning device and it lasts forever! He burns every couple of days and it never fails to do a terrific job. Other metal barrels never lasted more than a year or two then rusted and wee unusable. He could not be more satisfied with a product other than Burn Right. It is well made in the USA, lasts a very long time and makes a great gift!!!

Jesse - 04th December 2018

Happy  Customer

I have owned a 42” Burn Right Stainless Steel Incinerator for over 10 years. It is still in great shape. For years I used old barrels to burn rubbish and debris from my property. As always, they did not last long and they did not do a good job of burning the waste. I came across an advertisement regarding this Burn Right Product. Since its purchase, I have never been disappointed with its efficiency to totally and safely burn materials it is designed to incinerate. I highly recommend this product to land and business owners as well as contractors.

Basil - 03rd December 2018