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Bret Atwood
Bret A.
Worth every penny! We have had our incinerator barrel for about 12 years and use it multiple times a week for all of the online shopping boxes and everything else burnable. This cuts our family of 5 trash down to a bag a week. May seem expensive, but you get what you pay for.
Taylor B.
Taylor B.
This works much better than my stone fire pit. I was having trouble getting a clean burn on dense pack materials like leaves/grass clippings due to poor airflow. This incinerator works much better. I got a clean and total burn. The flames were well contained and there were no embers escaping. I feel much safer burning brush using this product. As a bonus, the construction seems like it'll last quite a while.
Brian Clark
Brian C.
I thought I’d take a minute to commend youfor your terrific product. I have a second home in rural north central PA, where operating a burn barrel is a simply a necessity. I was fed up with the regular chore of transporting the wet partially burned ash in rusting drums that usually collapsed in a heap when they were lifted or moved. A friend suggested Burn Right. I’ve been using mine now for 4 years to burn all of my paper and wood products. It’s simply incredible! There’s almost no ash. Fires start much easier and, best of all, the incinerator remains solid as a rock and in excellent condition. At this rate, it’ll be the last such product I’ll ever need. Thanks!
Jay Lewis
Jay L.
I have had one of these since 2007. It is fantastic! The stainless steel does not corrode and the product is very durable. I had a burn barrels before and there was never a good way to clean it out. The Burn Right product cleans up in minutes and it's ready to go again. Buy one, you won't regret it.
I bought a prototype in 2000. We moved to MN that same year. Out on the farm we have used it every day during that time. Nothing lasts forever. Any deals for the owner of the longest-lasting unit?
Outstanding communication and their large incinerator works better than I would have ever thought. No more stirring like on my old 55 gal drum.
Carolyn Kelly
Carolyn K.
Qualityqualityquality ! Shipped quickly as promised, and this work of art burns as promised. Who knew all that ventilation turns my yard waste into dust-nothing left whatsoever.
Michael Mooney
Michael M.
I'm 73 years old and formerly used many 55 gallon oil drums with holes burned into the sides of the barrel with an oxygen/acetylene gas cutting torch to allow for air flow to the fire. The fire then in these barrels still did not have enough air flow for good combustion leaving copious amounts of ash, some only partially burned. The design of the Burn Right incinerator allowing for good air flow on all sides, top, and especially bottom takes care of that problem. Material burns much better leaving far less ash to contend with and better burnt material!
Me Em
Me E.
After several months of use, this is the best thing going for burning leaves!Just a couple of inches of ash after a full burn....amazing! The flow through ventilation keeps the fire really flaming reducing smoke to virtually none.The food grade stainless steel construction is very sturdy and useful to cook on too!
Brian Fulton
Brian F.
Great ProductWe live on Cape Cod and smoke generation while burning was of a major concern. Once the barrel get rolling very little smoke is generated, as advertised. It's amazing how wood the barrel goes through in a day. We are clearing 1 acre of downed tress and brush and its what is needed to get rid of the wood. At the end of the day all the wood is reduced to a small pile of ashes, combustion is complete. We can often start the fire the next day just using the hot ashes that remain. Made a mistake of keeping the bottom cross bars in while burning logs. The intense heat and weight of logs caused the bars to crack and break but the customer service is fantastic. Sent an email about it and some other questions on a Sunday morning not expecting an answer till Monday or so. Ron called back in about 30 minutes, answered all the questions and sent replacement bars free of charge. Highly recommend it.
Peter Galles
Peter G.
Hands down #1 best burn cage incinerator. Burn Right products has truly the best design and quality. Other burncage incinerators would rust and warp but the burn Right products incinerator doesn't do neither. Their incinerator is designed to prevent any toxic fumes from getting in the air. It's the cleanest burn cage incinerator on the market. They truly care about our health and environment. Burn Right products is also pro-military and they did a awesome job in providing me a discount because of my military service. Thank you for being Pro-American.
Patty Abella
Patty A.
This is an awesome product and great for burning safely in the back yard! It also blends well in the environment.
Stacy Pink
Stacy P.
We love our home incinerator. It burns so fast and completely we can finish yard clean up in a fraction of the time. Thanks Burn Right!
Dan Leach
Dan L.
Expensive barrel but it is fun to watch the garbage burn so fast because it’s getting so much oxygen. Just a small pile of ash when done in a few minutes. Excellent product.
We have been using our incinerator for about 10 years, it's very efficient and safe and it's an indispensable tool for anyone with a large property
I have used there incinerator for two and a half years now with very positive results. Very well built.
Goes together easy. Just what I needed. Was missing handle and called them and two days later had my handle great people to work with
Absolutely love my burn barrel! I have had for several years now and it is a phenomenal product. It is correctly advertised! And they give a military discount. So appreciated!
We were informed recently that we could not get trash pickup and decided to research incinerators and found what we will call a god send for solving our disposal issue. It is amazing the amount of waste we burned in just two hours and felt safe doing it. Thank you.
Works great as a fire pit and also incinerator. We've loaned ours out to our accountant who uses it to burn dated private tax information. What a great product...we've had ours for 5 years with no problems.
The county I live in doesn't allow burn barrels but having pine needles that blanket the ground after every storm is endless. I burn a full barrel every 30 to 40 minutes without much smoke if the needles ignite from the top. If the pile starts from the previous fires ash I get more smoke until the needles get going. Our barrel is 3 years old and discolored. I bring the barrel in at night so it doesn't disappear. This purchase is the best way to get rid of the endless needle fallout. I see my neighbors burn piles on the ground that smoke out the neighborhood but not me. I highly recommend purchasing the largest you can afford, it ends the worry of catching the forest on fire.
Ours last over 10 years! Better than a metal drum that lasts a year and then you have to find away to get rid of it. Worth every penny we paid.
Awesome incenerator, works very well for all of my needs like bank statements, credit card or junk mail. This incenerator is great for brush burning, we have a lot of trees so leaves and limbs add up no more.
I love my burn barrel. No more shredding sensitive junk mail. I just keep a box beside my desk and have an occasional burn.

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