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Since 2001, Burn Right™ has offered the best outdoor burning technology on the market. Our innovative cylindrical design and burn temperatures of over 1600°F guarantee an efficient burn, resulting in complete incineration and cleaner air. Customer safety underscores everything we do. Our incinerators are patented and designed to effectively contain the flame to help prevent wildfires.

Burn Right™ incinerators are a superior alternative to a Burn Barrel, and are built with 100% stainless steel to prevent warping.

Customers Love Our Burn Barrels

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Melvin W.
12:23 31 Oct 21
Easy to assemble. Just follow the instruction video. I wish it would have had some simple handles. I put a pair there.
charles S.
13:28 01 Aug 21
I have had this for a few months, very satisfied.
Mike W.
17:59 16 Jul 21
great product! great customer service! no regrets, I would buy again.
Chris S.
20:36 15 Jul 21
This product was very easy to put together. At first I thought the material was too thin to last to the abuse of the weather and burning but after a dozen burns and multiple bad... weather days, the Burn Right Product is holding up very well. I'm actually glad the product is made out of light material as it makes it very easy to move around. I like the fact that I can set and forget. It burns very hot and very fast. Sometimes I can't keep up with loading items into it to burn or the fire will go out. Very happy with my purchase and I recommend it to all my family and friends.read more
J M.
03:29 04 Apr 21
Just ordered my 4th Burnrite Incinerator. One was ran over by a dozer, one I bought for my fiancé and my last one was crushed by a tree... I’ll be the first to admit these are... pricey but you get what you pay for. I live in a rural wooded area and because of the design and the lid I’ve never had to worry about starting a fire outside of the unit. These things are incredible .....occasionally I end up with a bottle or aluminum cans in my daily trash not by design but it does happen and I’ve seen this get so hot it’s melted them both before. No more smoldering rusting out burn barrels like I grew up with. I usually put three bags of residential burnable trash in mine and it’s usually completely burned in five minutes or less. Kudos to the designer of these....very efficient and thought out..... there aren’t your dads burn barrels!Jerry Meyerread more
Brian S.
18:39 07 Mar 21
When I became interested in buying a burn cage I decided to research different brands due to the hundreds of dollars that they cost, to see if they are worth the investment. All... the ones I looked at first were flat panel designs. After checking reviews and watching videos I saw how badly they warped, some after one use. Some barely resembled what they looked like new. The ones made of regular steel also rusted badly, while the more expensive stainless steel ones didn’t, but still warped severely. I do metal fabrication for a living and have learned that heat and flat surfaces don’t get along. I found the burn right product and saw it was round which resists distortion. The high grade stainless steel shouldn’t rust either. I made the purchase and it has performed as advertised and should last for many years to give a good return on my investment. After a lot of hard use it remains in great shape.any other brand would have been a mistake. Brianread more
Jean C.
17:31 18 Feb 21
We love our large Burn Right burning barrel. It kept the flames enclosed and reduced huge amounts of brush and trimmings to amazingly small amounts of ashes. It is great at... keeping embers from escaping, and we even cooked hot dogs over it from time to time as the flames subsided. We used it on a hillside in a river canyon that had nearby forest fires and grass fires from time to time, although, fortunately none happened on our property. We did not burn during the no-burn seasons, of course. The government entities in charge of burning regulations allowed its use it at other times. Great product. And we enjoy the lovely people to deal with at Burn right. I only wish they still had the smaller version, now that we have downsized from our larger river canyon acreage to a smaller ~ 30 acre farm where there is less to burn and more people who want to cook over the flames.read more
Rosanne B.
18:43 22 Jan 21
We have the Burn Right large bin and have burned hundreds and maybe thousands of barrels of leaves over several years and the bin works great. The leaves burn down quickly and I... feel much safer using this bin vs burning on the ground or in other types of burners.read more
Kevin S.
23:09 19 Jan 21

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Need Replacement Parts?

Angle grates, ash catcher, cylinder cover and cover handle can be purchased individually if needed.

The Burn Right™ Difference

Burn Right™ is the only patented burn barrel on the market

stainless steel burn barrel

Warp Resistant

Our burn barrel is 100% Stainless Steel and is warp-resistant and guaranteed to last longer than other designs.

patented airflow burn barrel

Extremely Efficient Burn

Our patented airflow system allows air to pass freely, creating an extremely hot and efficient burn.

document waste burn barrel

Hotter Burn, Cleaner Air

Temperatures over 1600°F guarantees a hotter burn, cleaner air & permanent document and waste incineration.

We Support Our Troops

Burn Right™ Products offer veterans military
discounts on our burn barrels