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Before burning in your new incinerator, it’s important to read our Safety Precautions to provide the safest and best experience possible. These are vital to establishing the correct area and conditions to burn in, and will help keep your safe.

In addition to those important precautions, here are our Top Three Tips for preparing to use your incinerator!

#1 – Gather Your Materials

Bring together all of your debris for burning so you may have easy access when loading your incinerator. Make sure papers, leaves, and other content are completely dry before adding them to your incinerator. This will help reduce smoke and allow your burning session to be quick and efficient.

If burning large contents of paper, take the time to crumple it into small balls or separate it from its binding. It’s wise to avoid burning stacks of paper or thick books all together, and it is highly recommended to create smaller bunches before adding them to an incinerator.

#2 – Check Your Incinerator Assembly

Before adding anything to your incinerator, make sure all of your bolts and pieces are correctly and firmly installed. You will also want to make sure your Angle Grates are firmly steady on the bottom of your incinerator. While these are removable for easy cleaning later on, make sure they are stable and will not shift or collapse during your burning session. You may check your Cover Clips and double check that your Cover slides easily in and out to help contain your debris.

If you’ve used your incinerator for a while, remember to occasionally check up on your incinerator and its pieces. You can always order replacement parts through our Products section.

#3 – Have an Action Plan

We strongly recommend checking local weather conditions and burning restrictions before lighting up your incinerator. In addition, have your Action Plan ready in the case of unexpected high-winds or emergency needs. Know the contact information for local fire departments, law enforcement, and other resources so that you will always be prepared in a situation of need.


We hope you enjoy your incinerator! Remember, always follow our Safety Precautions to ensure the best burning experience.