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Our incinerators allow you to have an efficient burn in the safest way possible. We keep your safety as one of our top priorities, and you can find even more helpful tips on our Resources tab to ensure you always have the best burning experience.

With our high-quality construction materials and patented technology, your burning experience is our priority. We encourage you to read through our complete Safety & Assembly Guide before ever utilizing your incinerator.

Here are some of the most important safety tips you should not ignore.

1. Know What You’re Burning

Be careful when filling your incinerator, and always be sure to do your research. Different types of wood burn at different rates and there are certain items you never want to burn, such as batteries, aerosol sprays, or other environmentally detrimental substances. Be prepared and environmentally responsible by only burning approved debris, such as dried leaves, paper, and branches.

2. Always Monitor the Area Conditions

Check your surroundings and weather conditions before burning. Make sure you set your unit on a level area with no low-hanging branches that could interfere with the incinerator. Always double-check weather and wind conditions to make sure your burning experience will be as safe as possible.

3. Only Use the Proper Equipment

Be sure to utilize the provided handle when removing or inserting the domed cover. To prevent burns, always use heavy-duty gloves when touching the incinerator. It is also wise to use gloves when moving the burn barrel or inserting the Angle Grates as an added safety precaution.

4. Safe Clean-Up is Vital

Our burn barrels make quick work of your debris, but cleaning up afterward is still important. Monitor the level of ash being collected in the bottom of your incinerator and never let the ash reach the Angle Grates. When disposing of ash, remember to wait at least 24 hours after burning in order to allow enough cooling time. If you wish to move your incinerator before the ashes completely cool, pour water directly onto the ashes. Always use caution when cleaning up and moving your incinerator.

5. Stay Prepared & Informed

When using our incinerators, it is vital to know all of the highlighted Safety Precautions. Research local burning laws and regulations specific to your area as they can be different across state and county lines. Keep up to date with weather reports, environmental precautions, and local air quality conditions to keep your burning experience as safe as possible.

Before lighting your incinerator, know the contact information for your local emergency departments just in case you need it. It’s never a bad idea to be informed and prepared for any situation.

While these are important safety tips to remember when burning, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with all of our safety precautions. We are dedicated to providing you with the safest burning experience possible and hope you have a wonderful time with our incinerators.

Stay safe!